July 08, 2011

Another Fragmented Friday

Mommy's Idea

It's time for Friday Fragments again, courtesy of Mrs. 4444 at Half-Past Kissin' Time.  I for one am glad for the chance to sweep out the clutter once a week, because otherwise it would get awfully messy around here.


Sooooo....how are you liking the new look here on the blog?  Beth and I are going to the Relevant Conference in October and apparently the thing to do is have business/contact cards made up to pass out because a big part of the conference is schmoozing and networking.  Beth was helping me design cards and I liked the image she found so much that I decided to use it here, too, to tie everything together and I let Beth have her way with the design (Thank you, Beth!).  I know all the sidebar stuff is in different places now.  I hope it isn't too much trouble to navigate.  If you find something that just doesn't work or that you really hate....let me know, please?


Tim and I went to a car show last night.  Not our usual thing, but I've convinced our church we should have one as a community outreach.  I don't know bupkiss about car shows, but I'm in charge of this thing because I talked to a guy I went to school with (and who takes his cars to shows several times a week) on Facebook and he promised me all kinds of advice.  Promises, promises.  Once the church gave the go ahead I could never get him pinned down to get answers because he's always on the road at a show.  I finally decided what I was going to have to do was pin him down at a show so that's how we ended up at a car show last night.  And it all worked out very well.  Jim gave us a lot of advice and was extremely helpful.  I'm excited again.  We're having dinner with our pastor tonight and I will be pitching all the ideas and trying to convince her it isn't too late to pull it together.


I have got to get out to the garden this morning.  I've been ignoring it all week.  I still need to pull the weeds out of a big section around the beans.  I started last week and then the weather, holiday and other things kept me away.  On Monday there were beans close to needing picked, a squash that should be ready by now, and a couple of cucumbers.  The zucchini is probably well on it's way now, too.


It's going to be a very quiet weekend around here...just me and the dogs.  Tim turns over the office building he's been building on the 15th so he will be working straight through the weekend getting all the details covered.  Matt and his family will be in Erie and Megan is off to Niagara Falls with her boyfriend on Sunday.  Cody is a member of the Seneca tribe and as such, gets checks several times a year.  The catch is that he has to go in person once a year to prove that he is alive and no one is collecting in his name.  The Senecas own a hotel and casino at Niagara Falls and he gets to stay for free.  Am I thrilled?  No, but Megan is a legal adult so there isn't much I can do to stop her.    At least Cody is a nice guy and treats her well.  She could do a lot worse.  I'm pretty sure they eventually plan to live together and they aren't really against marriage.  They just don't see the rush.  I'll just keep praying.


I guess that's really about all the loose stuff I've got hanging around this week.  I'm going to head out to the garden soon so I can get back in and get showered.  I want to get over to Walmart to get some pictures developed before dinner tonight.  You all have a great Friday!


Beth Zimmerman said...

I know that wasn't a complaint (things moved around) but I wanted to explain. I tried to remember where stuff was (to put it back) and did some of that ... then I realized that I needed more width for some widgets than others so I made the right hand side bar wider and the left one narrower. And stuff went where it fit best. But seriously ... if you need any changes say so! And I am SO glad you like it! :)

Ann in the UP said...

Have a nice quiet and cool weekend! visiting from Friday Fragments.

Ellen Stewart (aka Ellie/El/e/Mrs. Seaman) said...

I did wonder at the change. Thanks for explaining.

I don't think my pumpkins or tomatoes will ever grow...

Stacy Lynn said...

Beth...I do love it!

Ann...Hi and welcome! Thanks for stopping by to visit and leaving a comment.

Ellen...I think I have "volunteer" pumpkins growing in my corn and beans. :P

Amy said...

Love the new look! (Though the dancing shells are a little distracting.) That Beth is a woman of many talents, isn't she?

A car show? What happened to good old-fashioned spaghetti suppers or pancake breakfasts? Good luck!

We've had a lot of zucchini. We've done zucchini bread/muffins and tonight I did a zucchini parmesan. Waiting for my tomatoes to ripen.

quilly said...

The new blog looks great! Beth did a wonderful job.

And after you finish your garden would you come do mine? I am trying to get the garage cleaned and rearranged because we now have two vehicles to put into it.

doreen said...

I love your new look! That Beth is amazing...
A church in our neighborhood does a ccar show every year. They always have a big crowd.
They always seem to have something interesting going on there. They do seminars that would be interesting to anyone and cooking classes...
I need to do more of this for my church:)
Have a great weekend...

Real Life Reslers said...

Hi there! I stopping over from Beth's blog.
My hubby loves car shows....he often drags me to them...lol!


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