July 15, 2011

Friday Fragments - July 15, Edition

Mommy's Idea

It's time for Friday Fragments again, courtesy of Mrs. 4444 at Half-Past Kissin' Time.  Can you believe it's July 15th already, the official middle of the summer?  Where have the days gone?  It's nice to not be working, but I have yet to do anything that feels like actual vacation.  Pardon me, while I whine a little about that.....  Whaaaaa!!


Behinds are dragging around here this morning.  My husband, who went to the emergency room last Friday night for a kidney stone then played around with it all week (ignoring his wife who thought he needed to go back to the ER as early as Sunday evening) and went to work every day, wound up in the emergency room again yesterday morning at 4:30 A.M.  He was in excruciating pain and had chills to where the sweat was just pouring off of him.  It was decided that the chances of him passing a 7mm stone were pretty slim so around 8:00 he was admitted to the hospital.  A urologist talked to him around 9:00 or so to explain the options and see what he wanted to do.   Basically, the choices were to go home and pray it passed (over my dead body) or have a surgeon go in through the bladder, break up the stone with a laser, and insert a stint (ding, ding, ding...we have a winner).  At 11:30 the surgeon came to explain the procedure and time frame.  A little before 2:00 they wheeled him down to the OR and my mom and I went to the surgical waiting room.  At 3:15 the surgeon called us and said everything went well and the hubs was on his way to the recovery room.  By 5:15 he was back in his room with three things he had to accomplish in order to go home.....no fever, pee, eat without throwing up.  He accomplished all those pretty quickly, but the nurses added "wake up a lot more" to the list because he wasn't coming out of the anethstesia (sp?...probably way off but too lazy to look it up today) fog very well.  A little before 8:00 I asked if he was going home or not because if he wasn't, I really wanted to go home myself...having been at the hospital since 4:30 that morning.  The nurses then got him up and had him walk up and down the hall once.  He managed to do that without hurting himself so they declared him fit enough to go home and a little before 9:00 we were finally free.  It was a long, long, looooong day.


I was totally overwhelmed yesterday by the outpouring of support and prayers that found their way to my phone via Facebook and family.  My phone was rarely silent all day.  In fact....the battery in my phone couldn't keep up and died not long before we got to come home.  What a blessing that was!


Megan and Cody got back from Niagara Falls on Tuesday.  They had a good time and brought back a lot of gifts for everyone.  Cody bought Megan several things related to the Senecas.  He doesn't need to spend so much on her, but it is a refreshing change after the jerks she has dated before.  It is nice to see him treating her well.  By the way, you'll all be proud of me.  I managed not to freak or cry or get mad about the fact that my 18-year-old daughter went away for a couple of days with her boyfriend.  Don't get me wrong...I still don't approve, but if I don't want to lose her I have to accept her as she is.  She was raised with my values and she knows how I feel.  All I can do at this point is pray that some day she will come back around.


Somebody really needs to get in the garden today.  It could use a bit of weeding and I haven't looked at it all week, but I know the beans need picked.  They probably needed picked on Tuesday or Wednesday.  There are probably some zucchinis and cucumbers out there, too.  Somebody really needs to mow the grass, too.  I'm hoping to make that somebody, Megan.  Tim is home today and I don't want him getting any bright ideas.


It looks like my neighbors are setting up to have their yearly garage sale extravaganza tomorrow.  Normally, it irritates me because looky-loos usually start showing up at 6:30, slamming their car doors and yakking away....totally rude on a summer Saturday morning.  Tomorrow, however, I'll already be up and on my way to being a yard saler.  A little community down the road from here is having their town-wide sale.  I'm meeting a friend and my mom might go.  I go every year because I can park the car and just walk from sale to sale and there are a lot of them.  Much better than having to get in and out of the car constantly.  We'll be going early....tomorrow the heat and humidity are supposed to make a comeback.


Today I have a lot of running to do.  Tim's prescriptions need filled first thing then I have flyers to pick up for the car show and trophies to order and the rep from Aspen is coming by at some point to settle up for the roof.  We have to sign the final papers and I have to give him the final check.  I also want to get in some groceries and do some cleaning because our son and his family are coming tomorrow night and staying to spend Sunday with us and get some time in the pool.  We can't wait to see our granddaughter splashing around in the inflatible pool we got her.  It's one of those ones with sprinklers and a slide and other things built in.  I think she will have a ball.  I'm glad it's going to be hot.



Rochelle@AFamilyofLooneys said...

Glad your husband is doing ok. Hope you find some great stuff at the yard sale.

The Crazy Coxes said...

What a long week for you! I'm glad that your husband could get all fixed up but what an ordeal!!! It sounds like youhave a fun weekend of yard saling planned. Enjoy!

Ellen Stewart (aka Ellie/El/e/Mrs. Seaman) said...

You would simply love our flea market.

Glad Tim is on the mend. When he's all better, kick his butt, and tell him I said he should never, ever take his health for granted again.

I'm sure that will stun him into straight thinking--if the surgery didn't.

Beth Zimmerman said...

I seem to be lecturing Erica (about getting her stuff out of my house immediately if not sooner) in my dreams. It's rather frustrating because she doesn't listen any better there than she does in real time! She's supposed to be over tonight (with Drake) and I'm telling her that she better take anything she wants with her when she leaves because the rest is going to the curb ... or Goodwill. I'm done!

Bethany Sue Zimmerman - A Bearish Ten Zen Mummy

Yep ... that's me! :)

mimbles said...

The pool for your granddaughter sounds fabulous, I bet she'll love it!

Stacy Lynn said...

Rochelle...thanks for the good thoughts. The stubborn man went to work for a couple of hours today (he said he HAD to) and he's been in pain and miserable ever since. I really hope he hasn't done something to the stint.

The Crazy Coxes...thank you for visiting me and leaving the nice comment. I'm hoping to find lots of good stuff at the yard sales tomorrow...it's one of the must-do events of the summer and most years we do find some great things.

Ellie...based on the pictures you posted, I KNOW I would love your flea market. About Tim and his health? See what I told Rochelle above.

Beth...I'm sorry things are still so stressful with Erica. I had really hoped for a while there that things were going to improve. So how did it go with her tonight?

Mimbles...I'm hoping to get some pictures to post. Thanks for visiting and leaving a comment! :)

lisleman said...

wow those stones! I've heard from someone who had an attack that the pain was extreme. Your words on pain has me convinced not to let it go to see what happens. I thought they could pulverize it with ultrasound. Maybe it was too big.
all the best

ineverhavetheanswer said...

Your new blog design looks fantastic (I know I am late). Also I am so very thrilled that Tim is okay. I have had to have that surgery before for kidney stones. Not a fun one.

Prayers still going out for a good recovery!


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