July 19, 2011

It's Okay Tuesday - Umbrella Drink Edition

On Tuesdays I've taken to joining in with Whispering Writer on a an idea she borrowed from Glamour Magazine. She calls it It's Okay Tuesdays. It's when we can take a moment and tell ourselves that those quirky things we think and do are...well....OKAY!


...to occasionally refuse to fill the ice cube trays or put on the new roll of toilet paper.   Forcing others to do it adds to their list of life skills.  I'm doing them a favor, at least until they put the toilet paper on so it rolls off in the wrong direction....at which point I can be heard muttering something about "should have done it myself."

...that some days Facebook, Blogger, and Twitter make me feel like a nerd looking for a seat in the high school cafeteria.  Wandering around, no one's making eye contact, and there's snickering going on after I walk by.  Talk to me people!  I wanna be one of the cool kids, too.

...to be one of the three people on the planet that just doesn't give a rip about Harry Potter and the rest of the Hogwart's crew.  Pssst.....here's another secret.  I don't give a rip about Twilight either.

...to be more than a little bummed that summer is more than half over and I still haven't done anything particularly vacationy or fun.  I might as well be working and making some money.

...to be addicted to Operation Repo on TrueTV...even if it is totally fake reenacted.

...to have a mad desire to take my daughter's dirty laundry (which she insists on throwing out into the hallway so her room stays clean) and pitch it out onto the front lawn.  I refuse to do her laundry because she takes the clean stuff I just washed and folded and throws it on the floor with the dirty stuff rather than put it away.  Currently, the pile in the hall is knee-deep.  Throwing it back in her room just results in it getting thrown back into the hall.  ***I love my daughter, but before you start with advice let me say that no manner of encouragement, punishment, threats, bribery, or any other method (we've tried them all) has ever made her do one thing more or less than she wanted to do.  When it bothers her, she will do something about it.

...to wonder if I can get away with going back to bed for a little while.  Nah...too late now (8:00).  Should have gone after I let the dogs out at 6:30 instead of starting the morning computer routine.

...to really not want to get dressed and go take my driver's exam today.

...to want to run away to somewhere beachy where the drinks come with umbrellas.


noexcuses said...

OMG!! I want everything that you want! Could we have been twins separated at birth? I have two daughters who are 180 degrees from each other. My messy one doesn't even bother to throw it out in the hall. Her room is six feet deep with clean and dirty clothes! She does the same thing, however, by combining the clean with the dirty, putting it into a hamper, and dropping it off in my room!

But we sure love 'em don't we?

Stacy Lynn said...

We have to love them. They frown on killing them. lol I'm KIDDING!! Unfortunately, my son was just as messy, though he didn't toss his mess out in the hall. I was younger (and dumber) with him and still did all his laundry and cleaning. I learned my lesson when I stepped on a jagged piece of glass buried on his floor and cut my foot pretty badly. No more maid service.


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