July 05, 2011

It's Okay Tuesday!

On Tuesdays I've taken to joining in with Whispering Writer on a an idea she borrowed from Glamour Magazine. She calls it It's Okay Tuesdays. It's when we can take a moment and tell ourselves that those quirky things we think and do are...well....OKAY!


... to use a knife/screwdriver/crowbar/etc. to pry the child-safe lid off the pain reliever and stab yourself in the hand.  No way are you the only one to have ever done it.

... to secretly loathe your mom's blueberry cobbler that she brings to every family and social function.

... to flat-out refuse to see the new horror movie about sharks with your husband when you saw Jaws 30-some years ago and you still won't go in the ocean deeper than your knees.  This one is in a lake.  Bad guys are putting the sharks in it on purpose.  Um...NO!  It could happen... 

... to be just a little bit glad that everyone left your brother-in-law's picnic early.  It means it isn't just you that puts days worth of work into get-togethers that none of the inlaws stay very long at.

... to be a little miffed that no one wanted to go see the parade or the fireworks.

... to keep thinking today is Monday because of the 3-day weekend.


Beth Zimmerman said...

I just sent you a few ideas for business cards. The ones that I sent to you have an introductory rate (on Vista Print) of 500 for $10. I'd be glad to design and order them for you if you like. But honestly the wizard on VistaPrint is pretty easy to use. Look at travel and spas for themes.

You might consider getting a g-mail address that you can use just for your blog. life-lived-well@gmail.com or something like that. I still have trouble with your e-mail because I never can remember if the first letter is an I or an L. I know ... I'm a mess! :) Let me know if you need a g-mail invite.

I put personal contact info on mine but LOTS of people do not. Just web address and e-mail is fine.

You may want to consider tweaking your blog to match your cards once you decide what you want ... or tell me where you got these images and I can tweak the cards to match your blog. :)

Like I said ... I ENJOY this!

Beth Zimmerman said...

Every bit of that is absolutely okay! Have a blessed day, Stacy!

Wendy S. said...

HA! I always cut myself up on those stupid child-proof caps with knives and then feel like a total moron...I think I have the opposte reaction that you do when you get miffed about no one wanting to see fireworks, parades...I loathe and i mean loathe the 4th of July way more than the other holidays, so I say thank goddess that day is over ; ) And that's my "o.k that I...." thank you as always Stacy for making me grin.

Are those spam comments btw above? WTF? ; )

Stacy Lynn said...

Wendy...nice to know I'm not the only doofus who gets hurt getting into the pill bottle. ;) And no, not SPAM. Beth is a good blogging buddy of mine and we are going to a conference together in October, she's offering to help me design some contact cards to take along. I can see where you might think that if you don't know she's a friend, though. LOL

Ellen Stewart (aka Ellie/El/e/Mrs. Seaman) said...

Oh, I'm not that into the Fourth, but I love fireworks. The years I haven't gone have been melancholy.

Sigh for you.

Beth Zimmerman said...

Here comes the SPAM again ... lol ... I just sent you another one that I think you're going to like. Let me know what you think!


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