July 04, 2011

Monday Mingle

Trying to be quiet this morning so everyone else can sleep in a bit.  It's too early to start getting stuff ready for our cookout and the computer was already warmed up so I could file my unemployment claim, so.....what's girl to do but surf her blog list, check comments.....and find a meme to do?

I borrowed Monday Mingle from Dysfunctional Mom, who got it from Eighty MPH Mom.  Apparently, it's meant to be a vlog, but I don't know how to do that so like Dysfunctional Mom, I'm just doing it old school style.

1. What do you do when your child refuses to eat what you made for dinner?
~ Cram it down their throats  I read somewhere when my kids were little (they're 18 and 23 now) that you should make your kids at least try a couple of bites of everything you make.  If they don't like it after trying it, then they don't have to eat it.  It seemed like a kinder gentler approach than my dad's "You'll eat everything your mother puts on the table and you'll sit here until you do."  It was also less effective.  My kids were hideously picky eaters.  My son is learning to eat a lot more things since he's been married to a vegetarian.  My daughter?  If it's not meat or a pasta she's probably not going to eat it.

2. How do you handle a grumpy kid in the store?
~ If they were just being mildly grumpy I tried to distract them and get them interested in something.  If they were being grumpy to the point of causing a scene....we got in the car and went home!

3. Why is being a mom (or dad) the best thing ever?~ Because here I am with all my faults and God entrusted these lives to me.  They were my responsibility from the time they were tiny and helpless until they stepped out of the nest.  I got to watch them grow and learn and be amazed by the world.  I got to share their joys and cry with them when their hearts broke.  We are connected and always will be.  And now.....they've started giving me....GRANDKIDS!

And that is all! Link up with Eighty MPH Mom for Monday Mingle!


Have a Safe & Happy Fourth!

1 comment:

Beth Zimmerman said...

This made me smile. For all that they can make us crazy .. we still LOVE our kids, don't we?


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