July 28, 2011

I Wish....


We’ve done dream lists, with unlimited budgets, and bucket lists here before. Today we’re going to inch a little closer to reality and list the top 10 things that you would buy (for yourself) if the budget would tolerate it. Try to keep the dreams somewhere in the same realm as reality … in other words no mansions, yachts, etc. Just 10 things you would like that could happen …

Here’s mine:

1. A home in the country or an addition to this house.  We really don't have enough room in our little house for all our stuff and all the people who pass through.  We also aren't exactly thrilled with living in the suburbs.  So, I either want a big family room added on to the house or I want a place in the country with a little bit of land to garden and keep a couple of animals and a big workshop/storage area for Tim.

2.  An iPad.  This is a new dream, but I'm hearing more and seeing more about them lately that makes me think it would be nice to have.

3.  A hot tub.  We look at them all the time, but haven't broke down and bought one yet.  Man, it would be soooo nice to slide my aching bones into one and soak.

4.  A front porch.  Ours has been "under construction" for a couple of years now.  Tim's doing it himself, which explains that.  The man never has time.  He's going on vacation at the end of next week so he'll have time and maybe we'll get a little bit done, but right now the money isn't there to buy everything we need to finish (it runs the full length of the house and it's going to be under roof, which it never was before). 

5.  A bedroom remodel.  We've lived here for 17 years.  I'm a decorator and changer of things by nature.  Every room in the house has been redone in those years.  At least twice.  Some have been done three times.  Except for our bedroom.  I don't know why, but we've never tackled it and after 17 years it is looking really bad.  Really bad.  Really.

6.  A trip to Chincoteague Island, VA (without my children).  Not that I don't love my children, but as they've gotten older, married, have significant others, etc....what we want out of a vacation have started to clash.  There is also the fact that for me to relax in the house we rent, things have to stay semi-cleaned up.  I can't relax if the house is torn up, stuff is piled everywhere and the kitchen is full of dirty dishes.  The only way that happens is if I do it myself or blow a gasket bad enough to push them into motion.  The kids are expecting us to rent a house next summer.  Maybe.  Tim and I are wondering if we can swing two weeks.  One with the family and then a second without them just for us....where I'd actually get to relax.

7.  A new dishwasher.  Mine is 17 years old and has worked hard every day of those years.  It doesn't work like it should any more.  And it's ugly.  I have one picked out.

8.  A Ford Mustang.  That's been my dream car for as long as I can remember.  I even have my personalized license plate picked out....SADL UP.  I had other ideas but Megan vetoed them all as lame.  I am torn between black, red, and the new Grab Me Blue.

9.  A gym membership and a personal trainer.  I need someone there every day to kick my butt keep me motivated.

10.  A maid and yard help.  I could live without the maid, but it would be nice.  The yard, well, Tim doesn't have time to help and Megan is usually unwilling these days so I'm on my own...help would be great.


Beth Zimmerman said...

Great choices! It would be awesome fun if some dreamy day you guys and us guys could rent a house together for a week. Just us old folks! :)

I sent you an e-mail last night.

Jill said...

I've wanted an ipad forever! Don't think I'm getting one anytime soon, but I still drool with envy when I see them. : ) Great list. And I would so go with the maid. Take her along on the vacation with the kids. : )

Naila Moon of the Grey Wolf said...

We are on the same page with the I-pad. Really like those.
Oooo and a hot tub...YES!
Great list.
~Naila Moon


Stacy Lynn said...

Beth...that would be fun! I'm going to answer that email soon. The kids came home, Tim's home, Megan's had (minor) drama....just haven't had time to get back online till now.

Jill...vacation would be sooooo much better with a maid.

Naila...a hot tub would be heavenly, but it would probably take a lot to get me back out of it.


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