July 29, 2011


Mommy's Idea

It's time for Friday Fragments again, courtesy of Mrs. 4444 at Half-Past Kissin' Time.  Wow!  It's the last Friday of July.  Somebody hit the brakes....summer is just flying by.  I can't believe I've only got about three more weeks and then it'll be back to work.


Our son and his family are visiting again.  Sort of.  They came yesterday afternoon, but he and his wife are leaving again this morning to go to an all-day-and-half-the-night concert.  I'm keeping our granddaughter.  They'll come back tomorrow morning or early afternoon and stay till sometime on Sunday.  I'm excited to have Beanie Baby all day, but man, I know I'm going to be tired tonight.  I'm hoping to have a woman from church with three kids come play this afternoon and then tonight I'm going to take her to VBS at the church. 


Tim got the stint  removed yesterday.  I think in the back of my mind I was hoping for instant recovery, but he was still very uncomfortable and popping Aleve or ibuprofen all day.  He tried to do some stuff outside at one point and came in drenched in sweat...beyond what he should have been...and ended up sleeping all afternoon.  The doctor told him it's very rare, but sometimes after removing the stint urine can back up into the kidney and cause infection, so if he starts to feel really sick we are to head straight to the ER.  The way things have gone with this business I'm almost expecting him to be one of the "lucky" ones.  He did seem better when he got up this morning, so I'm hoping it lasts.


We're not on "vacation" yet.  Tim took yesterday off because of his doctor's appointment and he's supposed to be off today...but he's at work right now.  He just had to go let someone in.  He said.  He also said he should be back by 10:00 at the latest.  We'll see.  Anyway, he is working this coming week...all of it if he needs to to finish up...then he's off for two weeks. 


I have so much yet to get done for the car show next Saturday.  I can't believe the trouble I'm having getting a DJ.  I've been calling and leaving messages all over the place and either no one is calling back or they say they can't do it, but they probably know someone who can and will get back to me...and then they don't.  This is NOT good!


Well, that's all the time I've got for frags this week....Beanie Baby has hit the floor running!



Unknown Mami said...

Hope you have a blast with Beanie Baby!

Nadine Hightower said...

yes, unfortunately there are people that dumb and that sue happy!

Tettelestai said...

i hope you survive your granddaughter... my mother is nearly comatose when my kids have been there.

your Q&A was funny!! great questions to answer! i do hope you find a DJ, the car show sounds like a lot of fun, i love them!!!

BPD in OKC said...

I think they are bringing back Pete & Pete too. That was a pretty good show too back in the day. I'm not sure I could watch any of them now though

Beth Zimmerman said...

Have a wonderful time with that beautiful baby girl!

Stacy Lynn said...

Unknown Mami...I'm enjoying every minute of my Beanie and that she is totally Nanny's girl, not wanting anyone else to cuddle with or play with.

Nadine...true that. Just when I think we can't sink any lower someone comes along to prove me wrong.

Tettelestai...Hi! Thanks for visiting and commenting. I'm not quite comatose, but by the time she goes home tomorrow I may be.

BPD...I think Pete & Pete would still be good...they were kind of Napoleon Dynamite-ish.

Beth...You know I am! She doesn't want anyone but me this trip. Big change from a few months ago when she didn't want anyone but Megan. :)


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