August 07, 2011

The Car Show That Wasn't

Can we talk about the car show that wasn't?  I lost a lot of sleep Friday night listening to the rain and worrying about the car show.  It was still raining this morning.  It was still raining at noon when it was time for the show to start.  It rained right up until 4:00 and then the sun came out.

My friend that shows his cars and helped me organize and advertise the car show warned me that "car people" do not take their cars out in the rain.  And they didn't.  We had one man show up.  That was it.  I was feeling pretty discouraged, but then a lot of funny things happened....
  • Since the food was ready to go, we enjoyed an impromptu picnic in the rain.
  • The DJ turned out to be a Christian (and a new friend) and refused to take any payment for a non-event.  He played for 2 hours anyway and we danced and sang along.  We promised to hire him next year and pass his cards to anyone who needs a DJ in the meantime.
  • The core leadership spent 2 hours in prayer and worship.  It was an amazing time.
  • We felt good about getting rained out.  Obviously God thought the area needed rain more than our car show and just as obviously, He thought we needed to gather for that time of prayer and worship...had the weather been nice, it wouldn't have happened.
  • We aren't discouraged and plan to try the car show thing again next year.
We went ahead with our regular Saturday night service and the blessings continued.  During prayer time I was questioning myself, my faithfulness, my motives, I am often wont to do.....and God spoke so clearly to me that I just had to smile.  And I am still smiling.  He said it's okay to have doubts about myself.  Normal, even.  "Just don't have doubts about Me," He said.  Whoa.

And then our regional director shared this as the prelude to his sermon (which just may be one of the most inspirational things I've ever seen.....oh, get some tissues ready):

He then went on to talk about "passion."  He said that the Church needs to be more intentional than ever before, that so many people are hurting and looking for some place to belong and they have no idea where to look.  He said we need to look for and even ask for God to put opportunities in our path and we need to be on the lookout for them and then jump on them when we see them.  He prayed that God would bring someone into our paths this week.  Very cool.  My eyes will be open and looking.

So, that's how the car show went.


Next up is The Simple Woman's Daybook.  It's a new month so you can click on the link and join up with everyone else if you'd like to spend some time focusing on the simple things in life....and read the other entries.


Outside my window...the rain is falling again and is expected to continue in a scattered kind of way all day, so the grass that needs mowing so much is going to have to wait another day, but everything is so green!

I am thinking...about taking an "official" ministry course through the seminary via Skype.

I am thankful...for so many things: my husband finally being on vacation, air conditioning, fresh zucchini, amazing Christian friends, a solid church, Olive Garden's peach/mango iced tea, laughter, sweaty hugs from a laughing 2-year-old...

In the kitchen...there is a pile of zucchini waiting for my attention.

I am pants and a Toby Keith t-shirt (it's a stay-at-home-and-veg kind of day).

I am creating...a list of possible songs to download to my iPod now that I know how.

I am stick to the program at the gym, get all I can out of it, and make myself proud.

I am wondering...where the summer went?

I am reading...I just finished reading The Search by Nora Roberts.  I haven't decided what to read next.

I am hoping...that Tim and I are able to get away for at least a couple of days while he is on vacation.

I am looking forward first session with a personal trainer.

I am hearing...nothing.  Everyone else is asleep.

Around the house...are many things needing to be done while Tim is home.  There are some things that need repaired and we hope to paint our bedroom.

I am pondering... our finances...always tricky in the summer when I am off work and Tim always seem to have less hours because of vaction and/or being between projects.

One of my favorite things...friends around a bonfire on a summer night.

A few plans for the rest of the week: I am going to put in my driving time toward my CDL recertification on Monday and get the physical on Thursday (maybe).  We went to go to IKEA one day and stop to visit our granddaughter.  Cowboys and Aliens is calling us to the theater.  And I will be going to the gym every day that I can.

A picture...


Ellen Stewart (aka Ellie/El/e/Mrs. Seaman) said...

I has rained a bit the last few days here, too. Enough to green things up some, and it looks so lush compared the crispiness of last month.

I'll take it.

I'm also thankful to not have to bring my hoses out to water my flowers.

Enjoy this time with your husband!

Michelle said...

It sounds as if the car show that wasn't turned out to be a God thing.
I just love when that happens.

We've finally had some rain here as well.

I'm now following you with Networked Blogs.
Hope you follow me also.

Beth Zimmerman said...

I would be sorry about the Car Show but it sounds like it was a blessing even if it wasn't according to plan! Interesting how those things happen! :)

Love you, my friend! Can you believe how time is flying? I will BE THERE in 111 days! :) Okay ... that sounds longer than I thought. But it's getting here!

Beth Zimmerman said...

79 days! Sounds much better! Screwy date calculator! I knew that sounded wrong.


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