August 29, 2011

End of the Summer

Good morning!  It's a big day around here.  It's BACK-TO-SCHOOL day!  All though....this is the second year I'm not sending anyone off with a new backpack full of carefully chosen notebooks, folders, and pencils.  It's still a big day because it means the end of summer vacation and a return to work for me.  It's a sad, but true thing...when the alarm went off at 4:00 this morning I couldn't ignore it.  I had to get up. 

So, I'm up.  I've had breakfast.  I'm dressed.  My hair is done.  All my stuff is organized and ready to go.  And it isn't even 5:30 yet.  Sigh.  I miss my bed already.

We will have to see how blogging plays out in the coming weeks.  Some of it will depend on Megan's work schedule.  Today, for example, she starts work at 6:15, gets off at 11:30 and then goes back at 3:30 until 5:15.  I am the only one that can take her to work, but I have to be at my own job by 6:20 at the latest.  That means she has to go to work early and hang out.  The 11:30 time works out with me going to the gym.  My mom will take her at 3:30 and her boyfriend will get her at 5:15.  Sheeeesh!  I sure hope this motivates her to get her license and save up for a truck of her own.

The rest of how blogging will go depends on what free time I can find.  I'm not giving up my gym time at 10:00 every day.  Tuesday evenings I go to a Bible study at church.  Next week my seminary class begins on Thursday.  And if I can ever get in touch with her...I'm supposed to start mentoring a lady on Wednesday evenings.  That doesn't leave a lot of time to look at Tim during the week.  I think we're going to have to get creative about that.

Happy Monday and Happy Back-to-School for those who haven't gone back already!  Have a great day and drive safely.....if I have to run over you in my big yellow bus it's going to ruin both of our days.  (wink)


Ellen Stewart (aka Ellie/El/e/Mrs. Seaman) said...

Have a wonderful day and week!

Let's hope Megan decides it's time to grow a bit and get her license. Remember the old Chevy commercial, It's not just a car, it's freedom.

Michelle said...

You have a busy week (life) ahead of you.
Two of our son's still need to get their license.

Enjoy your day!


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