August 02, 2011

It's Okay Tuesday - I Wanna Spend Like a Politician Edition

On Tuesdays I've taken to joining in with Whispering Writer on a an idea she borrowed from Glamour Magazine. She calls it It's Okay Tuesdays. It's when we can take a moment and tell ourselves that those quirky things we think and do are...well....OKAY!

HEY, IT'S OKAY... (not so) secretly wish a huge bomb would land on Washington, D.C. and take out all the politicians so we can start over with fresh faces and none of the old way of doing things. wish you could shop like the government does.  Ooooo, I'll take one of those and one of those and half a million of those will I pay for it?  I'll borrow from my friends, use credit cards which I have no way of paying off, and I can always print more money or change the rules of the game to suit me.  If that doesn't take care of it, so what.  My kids can figure it out. put all politics aside and be inspired by Gabrielle Gifford's return to work in time to vote on the debt deal.  She is one strong lady! think THIS was the funniest thing on television last night. be totally hooked on this song.

That's my list for the week.  I have to get moving...there is so, so much to get done today. 

Megan got a job yesterday (see me doing my "happy, happy, joy, joy, praise God dance!).  Well, she has it as soon as we take care of getting her FBI clearance again, letters of reference, and immunization records.  I told her it was good to go to the zoo with me last week and spend some time getting to know the woman from church who works at a daycare.  That woman called yesterday and said two girls had suddenly quit and wanted to know if Megan wanted a job.   So...we have to get all those details taken care of.

Then there is the car show that the church is having on Saturday.  That one I'm in charge of.  All the relief I felt yesterday over finally booking a DJ (every single one I'd called either was booked or never even returned my calls...I was getting really nervous) flew right out the window last night when the guy I'd hired to make the dash plaques to give the people entered in the show sent an email saying he was sick last week and his wife is getting surgery today so he can't do it.  Nice.  I understand circumstances, but he could have let me know before this.  So today I have to try and find someone who can make them by Saturday morning at the latest.  Swell.

I have to check on the trophies for the car show as well.  I hope and pray there are no surprises there and that everything is on track.

I need to check with the man who is supposed to take care of advertising, too.  I hope we are covered for newspaper ads and signs for out along the road to draw the people in.

Megan wants to stop at the tattoo place and pick out her tattoo and make an appointment to get it done.

I want to stop by the gym.  They are starting a new 12-week program (more about it if I sign up) and offered me a great deal on it.  I asked about payments and they said yes, but not what the payments would be.  They said we'd set that all up when I came in to sign up.  Hello?!  I want to know the payments before I sign anything so I need to find out since it starts Saturday...which is another problem since the car show is Saturday. 

I have to drive to the bus garage, which is in the total opposite direction of everywhere else I have to go, and pick up papers to get my CDL physical.  I also have to arrange to put in my driving time for the recertification.

There is Bible study at church tonight.

And a huge basket of veggies from the garden that need my attention.

I'm off and running...


Ellen Stewart (aka Ellie/El/e/Mrs. Seaman) said...

Well then, get moving!

Wendy S. said...

Yayyyy, for Megan! I know you must be so relieved and excited for her. And yeah, back to school, (even though thank the goddess) I don't have to go..Still, new projects, new goals, and while I would never, ever wish to have any bombings on anyone, wish I could influence politicians more, does that count? ; )

From Tracie said...

Whew! That is some to-do list!!

I wish I could spend like the government does. It would be nice...but eventually, I think the guilt of it all would catch up with me.


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