August 01, 2011

Beware the (Phone) Apps

Somebody may be pranking you. 

Somebody may be recording your phone calls. 

And you won't even know it.

That's what happened to me last week.  Fortunately, the prankster turned out to be my son, but even so, I'm less than thrilled.  Let me explain about this app and what happened last week.

It started with a phone call from my mom.  She thought I called her.  Okay, well...weird, but not the first time Verizon's signals had gone haywire and done something goofy.  A little later the same thing happened between Tim and me.  More confusion and the thought that perhaps my phone was haunted.  It happened a few more times during the week.

Then Thursday our son came home and somehow we got around to talking about my phone going nuts.  He started snickering and the next thing you know our phones are ringing and as we're realizing it's happening again he broke out into full-fledged laughter, as did his wife.  He confessed that he had an app on his "smart" phone that did the prank calling.  Then he added that it's "funny as hell" and asked if we'd like to hear the conversations.

Wait!  What??

It seems this app also lets the prankster listen to the prank calls and record them.  Son or not, I don't like that part at all.  I consider it an invasion of privacy.  What if we'd gone on to discuss something our son had no right or business hearing?  What about the people out there doing it to people they aren't related to?  This has to be illegal on some level...illegal wiretapping or something?

So, just beware.  If your phone starts going nuts, it might be more than crossed cellular signals up in the atmosphere.


Ellen Stewart (aka Ellie/El/e/Mrs. Seaman) said...

Um...this is a good warning, but that's a really stinko thing of your son to have done.

Stacy Lynn said...

I think it's the generation. My daughter and her friend who were here thought it was funny, too.

tilden talks... said...

Illegal wiretapping indeed! I do not think that app is funny. At all.
"The only way to raise eight kids." Ha!

Stacy Lynn said...

No, that he could record the calls seemed really invasive to me. Drugged is the only way I'd survive 8 toddlers at once. LOL

I am Harriet said...

Yikes- you could be right about those crickets and you are right about Hef- in my opinion.

Hope you're feeling better.

Thanks for playing!

Beth Zimmerman said...

Definite invasion of privacy! Though I might want to use it on certain people in my life ... maybe! Missed seeing you around yesterday. I hope all is well!

Stacy Lynn said...

I'm fine, Beth. I'm just busy this week.


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