September 11, 2011

Ready, Set...


It's going to be another crazy-busy week.  I have yet to get all organized and stuff about my schedule, but then, given that I'm pretty sure I have A.D.D. the odds of my ever getting organized are pretty low.  (Or is it high?  Odds confuse me.  This is why my kids never asked me math questions.)


I had a nice weekend.  I didn't really do much, but it was nice. 

Friday night Tim and I went out to dinner and did some grocery shopping. 

Saturday I slept in, then did some laundry, but otherwise was a complete slug until it was time to go to church.  (I soooo needed that down time.)  Church was great!  The message was even about "recharging your batteries."  A very uplifting time and I love the people at my church...we have so much fun during the fellowship time.

Today we met a few others from the church to take a final look at the property we are buying (hopefully signing papers this week) and discuss some of the work that needs done immediately.  Then we drove to market that is way out in the boonies near the county fairgrounds for meat and deli items.  They have wonderful fresh meat at lower prices than the chain groceries and lunchmeats and cheeses are about half the price.  I don't know how they do it.  Tim spent the afternoon working outside, mowing the grass and beginning the process of closing up the pool for the winter.

My afternoon was consumed with the writting of the first paper for my Spiritual Foundations class.  Well, that and watching the Steelers lose.  To the stinking Ravens!

But, I digress...

I had to tell the story of my spiritual journey to date.  It had to be three pages long.  I worked and wrote and added and reached the mark and was so proud of myself!  Then I is supposed to be typed double-spaced.  I had typed it single-spaced.  I went back and double spaced it and found I needed to eliminate about three pages of material.  Groan.  It took me another hour or so to shrink it and rework it to where I was satisfied, but I did it and IT.IS.DONE.  And it isn't even due until Thursday.  Go me!  Take that A.D.D.!

That's it.  It was just what I needed after last week.  I was exhausted and totally stressed after last week.  This week is going to be just as busy, but I am feeling a lot more relaxed now that I have an idea of what the class is going to be like and I suggested to Megan that it would be nice to have a bit of help around the house this week since I'm going to school, holding down a job, running her back and forth to her job, and cooking and cleaning up after everyone. (I won't even bring up the Bible study and mentoring I will be doing.)

Okay, I'm done and heading to bed or I'm going to be tired in the morning and headed down the road to stress.  Do not want to go there.

You all have a wonderful Monday!


Rochelle@AFamilyofLooneys said...

I hope Megan helps you out more. Tell if she doesn't I will send my twins up there. After she spends time with them, I am sure she would rather help you out more than watch them. I hope you have a good week my friend.

Stacy said...

Thanks, Rochelle! I'm not sure the twins will scare her, though. She works in a large daycare center and loves to play with the kids.


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