October 18, 2011

It's Okay Tuesday - Oct. 18


It's Okay Tuesday, where we allow ourselves to be okay about our little "quirks," is the brainchild of WhisperingWriter over at Airing My Dirty Laundry, One Sock at a Time. She borrowed the idea from Glamour Magazine and we all like it so much it's become an official meme. So....here we go!


...to admit that you feel like crud after your workout rather than pumped.
So, not happening that way here.  I am sweaty, tired, my thighs hurt
and I feel like it wouldn't take much to make me barf.  No snazzy
designer yoga outfits, fake tans or complaining about my
size 2 booty going on here.  I want a shower.  I want food.
I might want to hurt Jake.  And if my booty was anywhere 
near a size 2 I'd be on my knees thanking God!

...to feel stupid for putting yourself on the list to get emails
about auditioning for the next season of The Biggest Loser.
Would I really want to be on the show with the whole world watching?
Must think about this one.

...to like the new comedy on CBS, Two Broke Girls.
It's really pretty funny and I like the sarcastic wit of  the 
"poor" street-wise character.  

...to still not be impressed by the "new" Two and a Half Men.
Can't Ashton Kutcher play any character besides Kelso?
And how convenient that news of his affair hit the news this week.

...to be procrastinating on the reading for my class again and 
reading a (gasp!) cowboy romance instead.  Sorry, I can only
read so much of the intellectual stuff at a time.  Spirituality
is an interesting subject, why must most of the books that
are biblically sound, also be incredibly dry and boring?

...to have liked Tim Allen's new show.  It's a throwback and in
MHO, television could use a few more of those kinder, gentler
sitcoms that just make you feel good.  Remember how nice it
was when the whole family gathered to watch ABC's Friday night lineup?

...to have a hot turkey sandwich, mashed potatoes, and gravy for
lunch.  And wash it down with diet Coke.
It's the American way.

I'm off to get a shower and enjoy that turkey sandwich.  Not at the same time,
but in that order.  LOL  You all enjoy your day and remember, whatever
weird little thing you do......IT'S OKAY!


Rochelle@AFamilyofLooneys said...

You are right about biblical books. Sometimes it really is so hard to read them.

TheUnSoccerMom said...

I LOVE Tim Allen's new show too!!

If you want to get some Biblically sound reading in and also enjoy what you're reading, I suggest anything by Karen Kingsbury... I just finished her Redemption Series. Really good! Somewhat predictable, but a good page turner. It's fiction of course, but she weaves Christianity and Biblical teaching in.

TheUnSoccerMom said...

OH! Came over from WhisperingWriter's blog! :o)

Stacy said...

UnSoccerMom...Hi and welcome! That series sounds good. Unfortunately, I still have to read the books I was talking about. I'm taking a couple of seminary courses this semester and the required reading is leaving me in a coma!

Ellen Stewart (aka Ellie/El/e/Mrs. Seaman) said...

Didn't I tell you? My friend, weighing it at 300 lbs, went to a Chicago Biggest Loser audition and was mocked by the fatter people...

Stacy said...

Really? That's just stupid! There's a girl on this year that's about my size so you don't necessarily have to be enormous. The web site said you do have to need to lose at least 85 pounds.

WhisperingWriter said...

Oh, I feel like total crud after a workout.

Like yesterday I did leg work and it was awful. :/

Beth Zimmerman said...

I am so with you on books about the Bible ... just nowhere near as good as the good book itself!

Love you, girlie!


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