January 20, 2012

Counting On

120.  Sliver of moon hanging in the morning sky.

121.  Everyone safe when the bus was rear-ended.

122.  Bad weather that held off again.

123.  Hair that is long enough to finally make a real ponytail.

124.  Fuzzy robe and slippers on a cold winter evening.


Ellen Stewart (aka Ellie/El/e/Mrs. Seaman) said...

Your bus?

Chocolate Covered Daydreams said...

Scary but thankfully, sounds like no one was hurt.

I'm loving your list!!

dundee1964 said...

Love that sliver myself! :-) Are you still straightening your hair?

Stacy said...

Ellen...It's "rush hour" in the small town where I drive just as the elementary is letting out. Add to that a lovely, but inconvenient, diamond to negotiate and traffic backs up and creeps along until you get past the last stop sign going out of town. Everyone, but the guy behind me was creeping. He plowed right into the back of the bus. The kids were fine...saw the whole thing as a grand adventure. "Can we do it again??" The bus bumper just got scuffed. Can't say the same for Leadfoot's bumper.

Chocolate Covered Daydreams...Thank you. :)

Dundee...The moon was so pretty wasn't it? Yes, I still straighten my hair. Getting to where I need another blow out, though. :/

Cranberry Morning said...

Your blog, for just a few minutes, took me out of January in Wisconsin. The header, sidebar, etc. are SO cheering while I'm hibernating here in the land of the dark and cold.

Can I follow you on GFC? I don't see the widget.

Glad to hear that no one was hurt in the accident. Hope Leadfoot learned a lesson.

Rochelle@AFamilyofLooneys said...

Glad you guys were ok.

Stacy said...

Cranberry Morning...the widget is down at the bottom of the page.

Rochelle...thanks. It was just a minor "bump" in the bus. Worse on his end.


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