January 24, 2012

The Return of It's Okay Tuesdays

A couple of updates on things I've been praying about to get us started today...

The little boy on my bus that I've mentioned a time or two.  The one with all the "issues."  The one who is not unlike having a wild monkey on the bus (behavior-wise).  He is a sweet little boy, but wow!  Trying to contain him on the bus is pretty much impossible when you're also trying to drive the bus.  The school has been evaluating him and trying to get a diagnosis.  I'm working with behavior charts on the bus.  Last week I sent in a report of how things have been going since we started with the charts.  Just got the paperwork back today....looks like I'm going to get an aide on the bus.  Yes!  I will be able to drive stress-free and he will get some help and attention.  Win-win.

I told you about the "Burr Prayer" last week.  I've been praying it for my kids.  Today my daughter is not only up and awake before mid-afternoon, she has cleaned up the kitchen, cleaned her bathroom, and started on her laundry!  She says she is tired of sleeping all day and wants to get herself back on a normal schedule.  I count this as an answer.  At least one stage of an answer, anyway.



It's been a while since I've joined in on It's Okay Tuesdays, but I don't have a post in mind today so it seemed like a good time to pay a visit.  And idea stolen borrowed from Glamour Magazine by Whispering Writer over at Airing My Dirty Laundry One Sock at a Time, It's Okay Tuesdays are where we acknowledge our little "quirks" and allow ourselves to be okay about them.  So....


...to not care about the Super Bowl.  My Steelers got eliminated early on and after that I'm good as long as the Baltimore Ravens aren't going (they aren't).  I can sit back enjoy the commercials and the food and not care a whit about the game.

...to wish restaurants and caterers would stop putting almond slices in everything.  Not everybody likes them. I hate them and it really irks me when they throw a handful on my salad or into my green beans.  And while I'm thinking of it....same goes for walnuts.  Those are starting to show up in everything, too.

...to think the big buffet-type restaurants are just about the grossest thing going.  Have you ever watched the other people there?  Especially the kids?  How can anyone eat food that's been mauled, touched, breathed on, sneezed on, coughed on.  And do you know what the statistics are concerning people washing their hands after using the bathroom?  Ick! Ugh! Ewww!!  Golden Corral is advertising their chocolate fountain these days.  You couldn't pay me enough.

...to think it was really unfair for Jim Carey's daughter to take up an audition spot and a golden ticket to Hollywood on American Idol.  Like Daddy couldn't open a few doors for her??

...to wonder where the really crappy (and FUNNY) American Idol auditions are this year.  There have been some bad singers, but if there have been any who have been pure genius in their awfulness, I've missed it.  If they're filtering them, they need to put them back in.  That's the best part of Idol.

...to totally want to go to Las Vegas.  Not for the casinos or shows, but to visit the pawn shop from Pawn Stars.  Have you seen the stuff they buy??  Any pawn shop I've ever been in has stuff like rusty tools, old class rings and 8-track tapes.  The one on the show gets things like documents signed by John Hancock.


Well, that's all I've got today.  I promised Megan we'd go grab some lunch somewhere.  If I know her....it'll be Taco Bell.  


Wendy S. said...

I think monkey boy is lucky to have you as his busdriver as you really want to work with him and help him. Brave, Stacy…and I gave up being interesed in the Super bowl from birth, just ain't my thang ; )

Modern Day Disciple said...

Stacy, so glad you are getting an aide! Phew! It is enough to drive the bus, but playing monitor as well...no, no, NO!
Thank you, Lord!

Rochelle@AFamilyofLooneys said...

Glad you are getting an aid. I could not imagine having to deal with a kid like that and drive the bus. I feel the same about almonds and buffet style restaurants. Ewwww.

Jodi@ underthegeorgiasun.com said...

I'm w/ ya on the Jim Carrey daughter thing. I read about it. I can't stand AI since Steven Tyler and JLo have taken over. I like them, individually, but not on that show

Marti said...

Sometimes the bus driver is the first person who really pays attention to a kid. Kudos for taking an interest in the kids.

Ellen Stewart (aka Ellie/El/e/Mrs. Seaman) said...

My friend said she went to the pawn shop of Pawn Stars, and there was a many hour wait to get inside. She wound up opting out and seeing Chumly at a personal appearance. Rick has gotten his wish...if you read about him, he pushed to sell his show so he'd be set for life!

Megan said...

I am with you on the buffet thing. I use to work at a Pizza Inn and you wouldn't even want to know what I use to see going on or just how long some of the food sat out there. I just, ehhh can't do it. Also my grandmother was a bus driver and she awayls had a special place in her heart for kids and thaught me to always have an appreciation for bus drivers. So thank you!

WhisperingWriter said...

Yeah, I usually say no nuts when I order salads and stuff.

I don't watch American Idol much since Simon left. I miss him.

- Mighty B said...

My thoughts exactly on Jim Carrey's daughter! But I guess there's something to be said for her not depending on daddy for success? (at least not completely...)

Stacy said...

Well, holy cow! Look at all the company I've missed today. I "heart" company. And comments.

Wendy...thank you for the vote of confidence. As for football...you gots lots of thangs, you don't need football. :)

Modern Day Disciple...Definitely saying thank you to the Big Guy today. It's been a rough road from August to today.

Rochelle...It's not been easy. I even resorted to kidnapping one of the mechanics to ride along one day that was especially bad.

Jodi...I like the judges, too, but they seem to be changing the show to one giant love-fest. I miss Simon's comments.

Marti...Thank you. I have the kids more in a day than some of their teachers do and I have them year after year. I've been on the same run for 6 years so I really know them.

Ellen...You are pooping on my parade! Long lines to get in? Yuck. I still wanna go, though. :/

Megan...Thank you for not sharing your buffet stories. LOL Thanks to your Grandma, too, for teaching you right.

Whispering Writer...I miss Simon, too. He made it fun to watch. It's such a boring love-fest these days.

Mighty B...If she wanted to make it on her own she should have left his name out of it.


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