January 27, 2012

Reading List

Dawn from Beneath the Surface: Breath of Faith posed the question earlier this week..."What's on your nightstand?"  Meaning books.  Dawn is a voracious reader.  I love that about her.  Anyway, she shared the pile of books currently on her nightstand as part of a meme or blog hop, I believe.  I'm not participating in that at the moment, but still thought you might like to see the next books on my list.

See them.....

See also all the books behind and below them?  That's because I don't actually have a stack on my nightstand so I snapped the picture with them sitting on one of my bookshelves.

I'm going to make a disclaimer here.  These are currently on my want to read next list, but that doesn't mean they'll end up being read next.  I am notorious for getting caught up in something new and going off on a reading tangent.

Anyway, the titles I'm planning to read next include:
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One Call Away by Brenda Warner, wife of NFL quarterback, Kurt Warner.  Being a die-hard Pittsburgh Steeler fan, you could put what I know about Kurt Warner on the head of a pin and have room left over.  So, it was a bit of a surprise (even to me) when I chose this book to review for BookSneeze.  I started reading it this week and I don't want to give too much away since I still have to do a review, but I can tell you I am captivated.  The story of Brenda Warner's life is good reading.

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Ted, White, and Blue by Ted Nugent.  I bought this one (and had it signed) at the NRA's national convention  in Pittsburgh last Spring.  Ted was one of the keynote speakers and he is actually a very good speaker.  He may be a "bit" extreme, but he knows a lot about gun rights and freedoms.  When I met him, he was very friendly, polite and personable.  I'm curious to see how his views translate to print.

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I Am In Here by Elizabeth M. Bonker and Virginia G. Breen.  This book was acquired at the Relevant Conference.  Whether it was among the original free books given in the goodie bags we all got or was given later on, I couldn't say, because we got that much free stuff!  Anyway, it is the story of an autistic child who finds her voice.

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The Resolution for Women by Priscilla Shirer.  This was another freebie from the Relevant Conference.  Tim and I just saw the movie Courageous in the theater recently and loved it.  It is all about The Resolution for Men.  The version for women and other versions have sprung from it.  It promises to be inspiring.

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Grace for the Good Girl by Emily P. Freeman.  Yet another freebie from the Relevant Conference.  It's about believing we are saved by grace...only to then let grace go to be "good girls" who try hard to be perfect.

And now I'm asking you....What's on your nightstand?  Or in your Kindle?  Or Nook?


Ellen Stewart (aka Ellie/El/e/Mrs. Seaman) said...

I got a notice from my library today that caused me stress. A book I've been waiting for came in, but I already have five books going!

Such problems...


Stacy said...

So many books...so little time. :D

Beth Zimmerman said...

I have a Kindle (empty) and Nook on my iPad in addition to the default bookshelf that came on it. Lots of books waiting for time to be read sitting in the Nook. Plus that huge stack from Relevant. I think I'm going to tackle Grace for the Good Girl (on Tigger) as soon as work lets up a bit. (Please God let it let up! I need my 6 months of peace in order to cope with the 6 months of chaos!) In the meantime I'm still working through 1000 Gifts and Jesus Calling.


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