March 08, 2012

Counting Gifts & A Question

So many thoughts rolling around in my head this week that would make excellent post material....unfortunately, most are related to what I'm learning from reading Holley Gerth's excellent new book, You're Already Amazing.  And it isn't quite time to tell you about that.  That's for next week.  Finally!  It's a good thing because this girl is about to explode with all she's wanting to share.  There is so much that speaks to me and apparently God thinks I need to hear it because I'm hearing it over and over.  In Bible study.  On Facebook.  On other blogs.  I'm being inundated. God is hammering it home every chance he gets.  'Cause I'm sorta thick sometimes and he has to pound it in.

What's a girl to write about then, if she can't write about what she really, really, really wants to blog about?

How about a few more everyday blessings?

191.  Joy.  Deep-seated, down in your soul, bubbling up, and spilling-over JOY.  No earthly reason for it, but there it is.

192.  A clean car.  Hand-washed by a husband already tired from a long day at work because the car wash line was "miles" long.

193.  A new full-time job for a daughter's boyfriend.

194.  Reward and new experiences for a son for a job well done.

195.  The happy clatter of doggy toenails on bare floors.

196.  Brunch with a friend.

197.  Silly kid jokes that make me laugh even though I try to hide it.

198.  The smell of an orange being peeled.

199.  The "ahhhhhhh" moment of removing shoes at the end of  the day.

200.  A brand new box of crayons and possibilities. 

Oh, and I want to ask your opinion on something.  My friend, Beth, brought up the topic of blog comments the other day on her blog.  She mentioned that there seemed to be a growing movement among Christian bloggers to "close" comments.  The reasoning behind the trend is to make sure you're blogging for God's glory and not for the ego-feeding feedback.  Beth feels (and I agree) that closed comments seem a bit like a "talk to the hand" stance.  Even though it isn't what the blogger intends, the reader can be left feeling like they don't matter.

I've been blogging since 2001 (we painted with ash on the cave walls back then) and I've made a lot of friends.  Many come and go and are only friends for a time.  Some remain in the virtual world but are still my friends after all these years.  And some cross the line into the "real" world and become flesh and blood, face to face friends.  My point is, that all those relationships began in the comments.  They branched out and moved on from there, but they began with a comment on a blog.

God created each of us with unique gifts and talents and he calls each of us to equally unique situations that use those gifts and talents.  But the one thing, the single most important thing, he has called us all to do is love.  It's what this whole ballgame is about.  Loving God, loving our neighbors, and loving ourselves.

As a blogger, I don't think I can fulfill that call to the best of my ability if I close myself off from the very people I am writing to.  I do understand the need to keep priorities straight, protect family time, and avoid the trap of ego....but if blogging is what you're called to I just can't imagine God not wanting you to be in conversation with your readers.  It would be like a pastor delivering a thought-provoking sermon and then refusing to answer questions or talk about it.

It's necessary to have some checks and balance in our blogging as well.  Ego can still become a problem even without comments.  There is the danger of teaching falsehoods or of being so sure of your "rightness" that you believe you have all the answers.  It's good to have our statements questioned.  It can drive us back into the Word to check the facts and to be sure of them.

And sometimes it's just good to get a different perspective.

So, I'm asking....what are your thoughts on closed commenting?


Rochelle@AFamilyofLooneys said...

I think you are right about the blogging comments. With comments we get a different view of things. We also become friends. So glad that we have become friends through blogging Stacy. I consider myself blessed to have made some friends this way. I say keep the comments open.

Stacy said...

Thanks, Rochelle! I'm glad we're friends, too. And no worries...I don't have any plans to close comments (it was just something to talk about). Heck, I still get spam notices for blogs that I deleted years ago, but that still exist out there in cached land.

Ellen Stewart (aka Ellie/El/e/Mrs. Seaman) said...

Closed comments are narrow-minded. If someone disagrees, it opens a dialog and the chance, perhaps, to witness more.

How awful that people don't want a chance to discuss God. We aren't making any friends or changing life when me staunchly, from the beginning, discourage a conversation.

NanaDiana said...

I think you are spot on with the comments. I don't think God minds at all if we can enjoy and show the world that others enjoy what is written for us to see.

Maybe it is the ones that AREN'T getting comments and don't want others to know it are deciding to close their comments. Kinda crazy thinking...but maybe true?

I am a Christian and try to live that in my everyday life...but I am also fun loving and creative and love those around me and I want to share that with others, too. THAT is why I blog. The comments are just the icing on this basic white cake! xo Diana

Stacy said...

Ellen..I agree. Blogging is so dependent on community. Why anyone would want to shut that down I really won't ever understand. If there is no give and take...what is the point? That's why I'm such a fan of Facebook...instant discussion.

Diana...that could be true of some. I never thought of that. I know why they say they close comments, but it seems to me there is a lot of ego in play to close them. Thanks for your input. I <3 the dialog.


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