March 21, 2012

You Can Stop Being Patient

Okay, you can stop being patient.  I asked my bloggy friend and techie,  Beth, to help me adjust a few things here on the blog yesterday.  Nothing major.  If you haven't noticed, the only big change was going from a 3-column format to a 2-column format.  The reason being that too many things didn't fit in that one extra skinny sidebar.

I still have some rearranging of the things in the sidebar and footer to do, but everything else seems to be okay.  No more changing widths and no more posts that run over the sidebar and clear off the blog page.  Still don't know what happened with that one.

Anyway, hope the changes don't mess things up too much and please, if you missed yesterday's post in all the confusion, check it out.


Marti said...

Blog looks good. If I don't have a template I'm lost. Have a good day.

Chatty Crone said...

Nice you have a friend to help! sandie


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