April 21, 2012

Saturday Share


It's a wet Saturday morning here....with promises of more rain and (eventually) falling temperatures.

The hubs is down at the church trying to get as much done as he can because this coming week, as feared, all the construction projects that were on hold all winter will be starting up.  He will be headed to Cranberry every day at least through the summer.  He'll be supervising the construction of two buildings to start and after 90 days, a third one, as well.

Megalooch and I are gearing up for a trip to Wally World to pick up prescriptions, get prescriptions filled, and pick up some vital items....and being that it's Wally World, probably a bunch of stuff I hadn't planned on.  Seems like that happens every time I go in that place.

Laundry is already in the machines, but as always there is more waiting.  (I have this theory it breeds in the hamper and has a gestation period roughly equal to that of a hamster.)  This afternoon I'm going to bake brownies to take to the fellowship dinner at church.  I thought I'd take ice cream, too, and chocolate sauce and let people make their own brownie sundaes.

I've got a few shares for you today and some new blog links that are going in the blogroll.  Enjoy and have a blessed weekend!

10 Tips on How to Argue with a Liberal (if you must) is actually friendlier than it sounds.  It's more about how to play nice rather than a shouting match.  Something I think we all could use a refresher in as emotions heat up during the election season.

Escaping the Rut of Want is about thanking God when he says "No."

Find 3 cute ideas here for sprucing up an ordinary composition book for use as a personal journal.

Everyone in the Christian community is jumping on the Courageous bandwagon lately.  It was a good movie and book, but here are some wise words to consider if your husband doesn't measure up to the standard.

And here are the blog/site links:


The Crazy Simple Life

Nana Diana

Straight From the Heart

Artful Aspirations

The World According to Tracy

Heart to Heart w/ Holly Gerth

The Eclectic Company


And lastly...the Pinterest share of the week:

Proving once again that the royals aren't out of touch with the common man,
the Queen gets her boogie on.


Modern Day Disciple said...

LOL! The picture made me laugh! Also the reads look good! Have a great weekend!

Brenda said...

Ah, laundry and dishes...never ending! Cracking me up with that last picture!

mare ball said...

Oh, laughing at the Queen! Just found your blog through hopping around the A-Z challenge. Love your personal story, so sorry to read of your heartache there. I can relate to wanting to share and be honest. I pray you are in a better place. I've become a follower, b/c I like your writing.

Wendy S. said...

What a wonderful link on how to "argue with a liberal." I was surprised on how much I agreed with the points, not because I happen to be liberal but how open minded the post was written. If we all viewed differing opinions of each other like this, the world would be a lot happier.Thanks for the link.

Karen said...

Thank you for visiting my blog. I enjoyed your post today and the pic makes me feel better!


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