May 07, 2012

All in All

"I seek you with all my heart;
do not let me stray from your commands.
I have hidden your word in my heart
that I might not sin against you."
~ Psalm 119:10-11

Ann Voskamp had a post on Facebook over the weekend, a quote from her book One Thousand Gifts, that stopped me in my tracks.

Every moment you live bowed to something and if you don't see
God in the moment, you'll bow down to something else.

The sermon at church this week asked, How's your testimony?  And it's not the story of how we came to know Jesus that Pastor John was talking about.  We all have a story of how we were saved.  Some are more dramatic than others, but all are good.  No, it's what's happened since then, what's happening every day that Pastor John was speaking of.  How do we treat others?  How do we react in difficult situations?  Do people look at the way we live our daily lives (not just our Sundays) and know we are set apart?  Is Jesus reflected in what we do and what we say?  Do we choose to honor God?

Every moment?  Every tick of the clock?  Every beat of the heart?

If He isn't there in every moment.....what is?  There are no voids.

Who or what are you bowing to?

271.  Words, beautifully written or spoken, that let us SEE.

272.  The soft stir of air from the ceiling fan.

273.  Neighbors who stop by the church our little fellowship
is restoring...just to express their gladness at a church
returning to the area and often to offer a helping hand.

274.  Four golden fishies that survived winter in the pond.

275.  Multiple projects at work for the husband who loves the 
challenge and drive of it all.

276.  Doors that open to bring more friends from the realm
of  online-only to face-to-face.

277.  Green grass, dewy and cool between bare toes.

278.  Two more Mondays left in the school year.

279.  The wavy, sometimes bubbled, look of old glass.

280.  New life waiting for Nana's big family Bible 
atop the altar of the new church.  

May He be your every breath, every beat of your heart, your every moment.
May He be your All in All.


Modern Day Disciple said...

Yay for the survival of the fishies! Oh, that is a great thought and so true! Amen-ing with you all the way through Sister Stacy!

Cora from Hidden Riches said...

Such a beautiful post today! That we always bow to something. . . such a sombering thought for today. You list was refreshing to read. I'm so glad I stopped by!!! Thank you!

Ellen Stewart (aka Ellie/El/e/Mrs. Seaman) said...

It was put to me a little differently once, "Who is on your throne?"

Stacy said...

Dawn...Thank you and indeed, yay for the fishies (I can't believe they survived being frozen and neglected).

Cora...Thank you for the visit and sweet words.

Ellen...I've heard it that way, too.


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