May 12, 2012

Saturday Share

Good morning to all of you!  And what a glorious morning it is outside my window.  The sunshine is dazzling and the mercury is promising to reach an absolutely perfect 75 degrees today.  Two days in a row.....we're probably getting close to setting a record here in Southwestern Pennsylvania.

The drive down to the church camp yesterday was spectacular.  The route winds through the Laurel Highlands past such treasures as......

Frank Lloyd Wright's masterpiece, Falling Water


The white water of Ohio Pyle

The weather was perfect, the scenery gorgeous and the company good and as always it was nice to see old, familiar faces at the conference.

Today it's off to a mother/daughter luncheon.  Keep praying for my mom to hear what she needs to hear, ladies.  God's doing his pastor just called and she is going to ride with us.  :-D  Way to go, God!

I do need to get busy and get ready so here's today's Saturday Share links:

Addicted to your blog stats?  Agonizing over low numbers?  Maybe you're not meant to be one of the big guys.  Maybe you're Called to Be Small.

Gina asks, What Comes First: Calling or Gifting?

Find out the best thing you can do for your pastor in What I Think Every Pastor Secretly Wants.

Kathy Escobar put all the links for her Rebuilding After Deconstructing series in one place.

Garden Porn is a collection of photos and links of inspiring gardens and the lovely elements that make them up.

And the Pinterest pin of the week:


Modern Day Disciple said...

1. Praying for your mom.
2. Off to check Called To Be Small.
(is that you speaking, God?)
3. Love the last little picture - so great! Must "share! Happy Saturday, Stacy!

Modern Day Disciple said...

PS Gorgeous pictures!

Beth Zimmerman said...

Praying for your mom ... and for you! LOVE that last picture! :)


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