July 13, 2012

Fragging Thru Friday the 13th

Another week has flown by and half the summer is nearly gone!  How is that possible when I haven't done anything major or exciting??  Oh wait.....I picked the first zucchini from the garden yesterday.  Break out the party hats and confetti!  LOL

Well, another week means it's Friday again and time for the infamous Friday Fragments blog hop dreamed up and hosted by Mrs. 4444 to help us find the right place to share the little bits and fragments of life that just aren't a post on their own.  Pay the Mrs. a visit to find out how to participate or to see the list of those who do.

Mommy's Idea

Little Miss Daisy saw the vet again today.  She's fine.  It was a "well puppy" visit for her second distemper shot.  She got weighed and checked out again.  She is weighing in at a whopping 4 pounds!  We go back in two weeks for her rabies shot...apparently if mixed with the distemper shot her face would swell up.  Then September 10 she goes back to be spayed and micro-chipped.  I am hoping she isn't an "early bloomer" and doesn't come into heat before then.  That would not be good.  My poor lonely Beagle/Basset mix wants a lady to love in the worst way.  He isn't neutered by the vet's decision because he's a little on the chunky side and she is afraid neutering would lead to his second life as oh, maybe a coffee table.  

This is Elvis now.
This is what the vet fears he'd become if neutered.
And this is Daisy, all 4 pounds of her, not a
match made in heaven!

I finally went and got my eyes checked yesterday.  I barely passed the vision part of my CDL physical last year and I knew I wouldn't this year without new glasses.  It turns out that my suspicions my bifocal prescription wasn't right were spot on.  Dr. M said the bifocal prescription was so weak he didn't even know why they had bothered.  My new prescription will be significantly stronger.  I picked out cute (but not too wild) frames and a pair of sunglasses that make me think "Audrey Hepburn."  I wanted to show you pictures of what they look like, but do you think I could find any pictures even close to them in a search?  You'll just have to wait till I get them on the 22nd.

Our son came for a visit Tuesday with his daughter.  That was a nice surprise.  We had a fun time in the pool and went out to dinner when Tim got home.  We don't get to see them a whole lot so we really enjoy it when we do see them.

On a sort of related note....we just found out our second grandchild and first grandson is due to make his entrance into the world at any time now!

Filed under the I-know-it-needs-fixed-but-it's-low-on-the-priority-scale heading was a warped board on the pool deck.  The end has been sticking up in the air since last year.  Everyone knew and we were all just careful.  Till Tuesday.  I turned around and walked right into it while Matt was here.  The end result is this:

It actually looks worse than that now.  The purple's darker.  I'm pretty sure it's broken (it's not my first broken toe and probably won't be my last, klutz that I am).  I didn't go to see the doctor, though.  Not much point since all they'd do is x-ray it and maybe tape it and that would end up costing $1000 or more.  I can take ibuprofen and gimp around for a week for free.

Oh, and the board has been screwed back down now.

Tim's oldest sister, and a very dear friend to me, is moving her family out of the area.  Her daughter is in Erie, a 3-hour drive from here, with her husband and baby (and another on the way).  Our brother-in-law is a good bit older and in poor health.  The move will let them see more of their daughter and grandchildren and also allow for more help taking care of him.  Housing is quite expensive and they need certain things due to the health issues so they have yet to find a house.  Unfortunately, Tim's sister has to go ahead and go up there this weekend because her new job starts on Monday.  One of her stepsons is going to stay with his dad.  She will come home on weekends until they find a place.  A bunch of us are taking her to Olive Garden for lunch today to say goodbye. :(

And now if you're Feeling Beachie, you can join in the fun of Hilary's blog hop, Follow Friday Four Fill-In Fun!


This week’s statements:

  1. My day always starts by ____
  2. I prefer ___ to ____
  3. I never thought I’d __________ until I __________
  4.  I wish I could ________ for ________________.

My answers:

   1.  My day always starts by taking the dogs out.

   2.  I prefer white chocolate to milk chocolate.

   3.  I never thought I'd tweet until I caved and signed up for Twitter.

   4.  I wish I could live at the beach for always.


Ellen Stewart (aka Ellie/El/e/Mrs. Seaman) said...

Sure, mock me with your harvest. Sigh.

Next summer I'm coming over to swim, so fix that board, okay?

Arlene said...

I still have not gotten a Twitter account. I'm afraid it will take over what's left of my day.

Have a nice lunch with your sister-in-law. Goodbyes are sad, if you let them be. Focus on the friendship and the love and not the goodbye. It'll be a nice memory to have.

Enjoy your weekend!

Nani said...

Agreed “Elvis and Daisy sittin’ in a tree…” would be a BAD thing!

OW! on the broken toe. When I broke my toe qa good few years back, I taped it to the next toe myself. That’s all the doctor can do anyway and the tape was a lot cheaper at CVS than at the doc’s office! You choice of polish still keeps your feet cute though! :)

I’m a milk chocolate girl myself, although dark chocolate is the healthiest of the chocolates. Guess that makes it a guilty pleasure for us both!

Rochelle@AFamilyofLooneys said...

I am sorry about your toe. I agree with you about going to the doctor. Nothing they can do. Hope it feels better soon.

Daisy is so cute! But Daisy and Elvis yep it would be a bad thing.

Wendy S. said...

SO much going on even though Summer is supposed to be full of lazy days. You have a new baby puppy, hello's and goodbyes and broken bones. I broke my toe over a year ago and it has never fully recovered. i had to laugh at Elvis's photo. That would be horrible if he ended up like a "table" but it sure is a funny photo. I've never tweeted and feel overwhelmed in learning. Perhaps a tutorial of it on your blog for us "simple folk"?

Stacy said...

Ellen...Mock, mock, mock! LOL Be intimidated by my great harvest. ;P

Arlene...The lunch was very nice. I'm already line up with one group of friends wanting to go visit in October and another in November.

Nani...The sad thing about the chocolate? It's a pleasure and I don't feel guilty at all.

Rochelle...Thank you. :) Yep, I don't want any Boodle or Peagle puppies running around...and that would be if Daisy even survived the experience. :/

Wendy...Ohhhh my! I am the LAST person you want a Twitter tutorial from. I can tweet and re-tweet, but beyond that I am totally lost. Hash tags make no sense to me and since they changed the format I can't seem to ever find the tweets that were sent to me.

Chatty Crone said...

Your poor toe - I hope you are feeling better! OUCH!

And can't wait to see your glasses.

And that was very funny about your pooch!


"GB" said...

Ouch! I have had more broken toes than I will admit to and never go to the doctor.

Elvis is adorable, well not as adorable as Daisy... but together, that would be a sight!

Hilary said...

as a beach liver - living at the beach is the best....


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