July 14, 2012

Soggy Saturday Share

It's been raining off and on here all day.  We need it, but it did kill my plans for the morning (garage sales with my Mom) which made my morning turn out differently than expected.

Since I didn't go, Tim asked me to run some errands for him so he wouldn't have to leave the church work site.  No problem.  I drove to Hillside for a roll of R-30 insulation and brought it back to the church.  Then I headed toward Rt. 30 and the bank.  As I was sitting on the exit ramp of the Cloverleaf an older man in an SUV rammed the back of me.  And I do mean rammed, not ran into.  We'd been sitting there with him behind me waiting for a break in traffic.

When I first got out of the car, he started motioning for me to move so he could go.  Then he started saying he had to go, he had an "emergency situation."  That kind of pushed my button and I admit, I got a little short with him....told him that didn't give him the right to ram into me and push me out of the way.  It was also pouring down rain at the time.  I got to stand in it, he wasn't getting out of his vehicle.

Once we were off the road, he changed his tune a little bit.  Said he thought I'd had enough time and that I'd already gone....so apparently, he never actually looked to see if I was, just hit the gas.  He gave me his information but didn't even take mine down.  He was more worried about his "emergency," which he showed me.  There was this huge, kind of gelatinous, bulge on his elbow.  He said it kept getting bigger.  I understand he'd be concerned, but it wasn't exactly life and death, you know?  Since I had his information I just told him to go and get his elbow looked at.

Two intersections down the road I'm making a left turn on a green arrow and nearly get broadsided by a woman making a right turn on red.  She never even looked.  This is not, apparently, a good day for me to be on the road.

If I didn't have to pick up Tim's aunt for church in a couple of hours I think I'd just go back to bed and stay there.  LOL

Well, on to Saturday Shares.

I just finished reading the new James Rollins book, Bloodline.  It's the latest in the Sigma Force series.  I am a big Rollins fan.  He is a doctor of veterinary medicine and an avid spelunker and scuba enthusiast....a lot of his books involve places underground or underwater.  He also allows science and history to wind throughout his stories, taking facts and then spinning (not so) wild tales of adventure and intrigue.  Bloodline looks at what man has long searched for, immortality.  The nasty guys of The Guild want to make sure their bloodline lives forever.  They've got a lot of scary (like Hitler scary) human research going on.  Rather than the mystical waters of the Fountain of Youth, they are looking into DNA, and nanotechnology which allows a frightening combination of man and machine...robots that can think and learn.  Think it's far fetched?

Check out these videos:
It's amazing, but scary stuff!

Part of the book takes part in the surreal world of the ultra rich in Dubai.
  • Click here to check out just one of the many architectural miracles located there.

This post seems very timely as so many I know are dealing with drama and hurt feelings on Facebook lately.

Here's some good music (I haven't snuck Toby in for a while):

And finally, my Pinterest pin of the week:



Ellen Stewart (aka Ellie/El/e/Mrs. Seaman) said...

Oh my. Are you sure you aren't hurt?

Stacy said...

Thanks, yes, I'm fine. God was evidently watching over me today. :)

Wendy S. said...

I'd go to a Dr. and just make sure you don't have even a mild form of Whiplash Stacy even though you may feel, "fine." I"m so glad you weren't hurt more and yet still a disaster. You handled everything with grace though. Sending you blessings of healing and happiness and esp. to little Daisy :)

Chatty Crone said...

I am glad you were okay. And love that last pictures of the dog! sandie


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