July 30, 2012

Is Your Marriage a Mirror?

Marriage is not mainly about being or staying in love. 
It’s mainly about telling the truth with our lives. 
It’s about portraying something true about Jesus Christ 
and the way he relates to his people. 
It is about showing in real life the glory of the gospel. 

~ John Piper, Momentary Marriage

I confess I don't know who John Piper is, nor am I familiar with Momentary Marriage, which in bad form I'm assuming is a book.  I read the above quote on Facebook when it was posted by another blogger and it hit me like a ton of bricks.  Gave me one of those "WOW" moments when it's like someone pulled back the drapes and let the sunlight in and I could see clearly how what looks pretty good in the shadows can look rather shabby in the light.

I've thought a lot of things about marriage over the years.  What married person hasn't?  Some of it's been good, edifying even, but some of it's been stuff that really makes me glad people can't read my mind.  I can tell you, though, that I've never once thought about marriage being a reflection of Jesus in this world.  That our marriages should embody Christ's relationship with us and be an example of how we are to live and be with each other is new territory for my mind to explore.

It makes perfect sense, for what earthly relationship is more intimate than marriage?  Our spouse is the one person above all others (yes, even our children who are also very dear to us) whom we should desire to give the things that Christ gave us....unconditional love, forgiveness, and grace.  The more time we spend getting to know Jesus and maturing in our relationship with him, the more of him should be evident in our marriages. If our marriages aren't looking like they should, it's likely our relationships with God the Father and Jesus the son aren't what they should be.

Oh, Father...be in your daughter's heart.  Give me your eyes to see my husband through.  Give me your heart to love and forgive and offer grace to a husband who is human and fallible just as I am.  Help me to take to heart all your teachings on what a wife is to be.  Even if my husband falls short, let me be blameless in my duties as you have taught them.  Let your love shine through us and our relationship with each other to point the way to you.  Let our relationship reflect the perfect love of your son.  Let someone see Jesus in us.  Amen.

And the counting continues....

429.  Sweet, juicy, vine-ripened tomatoes warm from the sun.
430.  The ending of the teenage years, bittersweet to be sure, but best left behind.
431.  Celebrating a friend's birthday over breakfast.
432.  A sister-in-law finally moved and safely settled.
433.  Stopping at a garage sale held by readers...and finding they like all the same authors you do.
434.  Being snug inside during a thunder storm.
435.  A husband who can laugh about how often I move the furniture.
436.  French toast....twice in one weekend!
437.  A CDL physical over and done with for another year.
438.  New glasses.
439.  A new microwave.
440.  The end of rain for a while so the grass can get mowed before it needs baled.
441.  Sunflowers blooming.
442.  Goldfinches flocking to the sunflowers.
443.  Magnetic nail polish.  Very cool stuff.


Tammy said...

Wonderful post!! Thanks for sharing your thoughts and your gifts!

Modern Day Disciple said...

Stacy, I love you because we think alike, lol: glad people can't read our minds. ;)
However I have heard of Piper and read a few of His pieces. More importantly I think is the point you make that indeed our marriages to reveal grace and truth within and without the home.
A continual laying down, I believe it is. His will, not mine. Not easy is an understatement. Possible only by His Spirit. Beautiful post!

Michele {A Life Surrendered} said...

This is a beautiful quote. I haven't read this book, but I do know that John Piper offers it for free. I heard it was something wonderful. This quote proves it.

Thanks for sharing, and thanks for stopping by my place -- with the spider :)

Stacy said...

Tammy....Thank you! :)

Dawn....Thanks and yes, hard. Darn hard some days. ;)

Michele....Free? Ooooh, I am all about free! LOL I'll have to check that out. Thanks for the info.

mare ball said...

Good prayer. I can relate. AFter 37 years of marriage, I become lazy at times. It's so easy to forget that we are to love like Christ. Thank you!


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