July 06, 2012

Sweating to the Fragments

Here's the perfect song to listen to on a hot, sultry day while you're scrolling through the Fragments and Fill-Ins.


Thanks to Mrs. 4444 over at Half-Past Kissin' Time we bloggers can take a bit of a break from trying to be creative.  She came up with the wonderful bloggy hop known as Friday Fragments so we can all do a bit of "housecleaning" so to speak, by sharing those little bits and pieces of life that maybe aren't enough to post alone.  It's a great way to meet new bloggers and see what's going on with the ones you do know.  Pop over to her site and follow the bloggy trail or why don't you join in the fun yourself?

Mommy's Idea

So, like much of the country we are stuck in the heatwave.  They are predicting 97 degrees today.  The record is 98.  I bet we match or beat it.  You wouldn't think it, us being in the Allegheny Mountains and all, but we have humidity to rival the South a lot of the time in the summer so the heat index comes into play and that is expected to be well over 100 today.  Blech.  The pooches are pretty content to lie around in the air conditioning all day.  Me, too, for that matter.

The women's group from the church I belong to is having a retreat tonight and tomorrow.  We're going to be staying here.  I'm really looking forward to it.  My pastor and the woman who teaches the Bible study I go to are teaching the sessions.  The theme is "Following in His Footsteps" and it's about getting closer to God or reconnecting with Him.  I'm going this afternoon before everyone else to decorate.  Using Footprints in the Sand as the general idea, I'll be using lots of beachy things.  The only thing I'm not looking forward to is the sleeping arrangements....while the meeting rooms, chapel and diningroom are all air conditioned, the sleeping rooms are not.  I guess they have ceiling fans.  I think I will take another fan along just in case.

It is amazing how those cookies that companies plant on your computer when you visit their site work.  I looked at cowboy boots on Sheplers website earlier this week and now it doesn't seem to matter where I go online, if there are ads in the sidebar...Sheplers is there.  I find that kind of scary to be honest.  It really drives home that Big Brother is watching.

I am more than a little nervous about leaving Miss Daisy in the care of Tim and Megan.  Love them both and I know they both love my girl, but neither one is exactly known for being attentive to the needs of the animals.  The big guy can kind of fend for himself, but Daisy's so little yet.  At least I won't be gone more than 24 hours so she should survive.  Hopefully they will clean up any messes so I don't have to come home to that.

On to Hilary's blog hop, Follow Friday Four Fill-In Fun.....


This week's statements:

1.       I ___ wear___
2.     I have had a lot of ___
3.     Public speaking makes me__________.
4.     My car always has_______because_______.

My answers:

1.      I never wear hats because I think I look stupid in them.
2.      I have had a lot of pets.
3.      Public speaking makes me want to hurl.
4.      My car always has a huge collection of CD's because I can't stand to drive without music on.

That's it for today.  Have a great weekend!  Stay inside and keep cool.
No Saturday Share tomorrow.


Ellen Stewart (aka Ellie/El/e/Mrs. Seaman) said...

My friend had a puppy when we went to see her for Thanksgiving a couple of seasons ago. We went out to a movie, and the puppy messed on the kitchen floor. Dad ignored it, and daughter told Mom about it when we got home.

Darling daughter said, "HE never cleans up after the dog," accusing Daddio, but I pointed out she didn't either. Yeah, that 12-year-old loved me after I stated the obvious. No matter, Mom (friend) thanked me.

Daisy will be fine, but I'm worried about you sleeping in the heat. Happy, blessed retreat sister!

Beckey said...

Great responses!

Mrs4444 said...

Loved your intro, btw. Thanks for linking up! :)

My daughter and I are taking a full-day road trip on Monday and won't be taking our puppy. I worry about proper supervision in the housetraining category, but he'll have a playdate in the morning, so he should be to worn out to get it too much trouble the rest of the day.haha

Stay cool on your retreat :)

Now I want cookies!hahaha but yes, it's creepy. I wonder why Facebook keeps suggesting that I would like to buy a "full-figured dress." Yes, I am full figured (if that means top-heavy, but how does Facebook know that?!

Lucy said...

Enjoy your retreat and I bet you don't look stupid but you have to feel comfortable and like what you are wearing!

retired not tired said...

I used to wear hats however I discovered they gave me a headache and ruined my hair do so I don't like them either

Chatty Crone said...

Enjoy your weekend - I know they will meet your expectations! Everyone loves a puppy - right?


RoryBore said...

fantastic tune - thanks!

And I find it need to listen to my gospel music in the car, otherwise all the bad drivers get me in mad crazy, back-sliding frenzy! ha ha

Keetha Broyles said...

Yep it is HOT! We live in HOT-Consin where we've had 5 days in a row that topped 100!

We "ain't" the frozen tundra no mo!

Hilary said...

I dont wear hats for the same reason you mentioned!

Wayne W Smith said...

I agree with the lack of privacy online is freaky.

Susi said...

I always have the radio on or a cd in my car stereo... can't drive without it. I never wear hats either because I don't like the way I look in them.

Nani said...

My husband drives with no radio a lot of the time and I've become so accustomed to it that I'll be driving and it occurs to me something is missing...MUSIC! Oh, what he's done to me! ;)

I get little nerved about the cookies too. My virus software gets rid of a lot of them and I still get ads directed at searches I've done. Every site I visit has ads for Pandora bracelets! Wait, I don't really mind that so much! LOL

elizabeth said...

I am way behind in saying thanks for your kind comment on my gratitude post from Monday. We are finally having our summer here in Portland, Oregon after a very rainy June, and unlike the rest of the country, we are relishing the sun while we have it! :)

Stacy said...

Ellen...The puppy survived,but I came home to find several "surprises" in the computer room. :( Darling daughter INSISTS she let her out "all the time!"

Beckey...Thank you. :)

Mrs. 4444...Have a fun time on your road trip. I hope your puppy does well. I don't know how they track such things...it's kind of scary. What else do they know???

Lucy...Thanks. I just don't do hats for fashion. I'll wear one in winter if its really, really, REALLY cold and I might put one on for shade if I'm working in the yard or garden. That's about it.

Retired...I don't get that from hats but ponytails have to be just right or I'll get a headache.

Sandie...They do love the puppy, just not the responsibility that comes with her. Everyone survived, though, so it's all good.

RoryBore...I like to listen to just about everything, though I tend to play Christian CDs on the way to work (I usually pray on the drive) or on my way to Bible study to get myself in the proper frame of mind.

Keetha...Is there such a thing as the frozen North any more???

Hilary...It's a good thing we're not members of the royal family, eh?

Wayne...Totally! Why isn't it illegal?

Susi...Gotta have driving music. I've been known to burn special "theme" CDs just for a particular drive.

Nani...LOL, you crack me up. I don't mind the Sheplers ads, it's just weird that they can know what sites I visit and slip it in there.

Elizabeth...Glad you are having some sunshine! Normally we have a very wet June, too. In fact, they keep telling us that we've passed your part of the country for number of overcast/rainy days. This year has been a strange one all around for weather.

Jennifer said...

I need a new travel case for my CDs so I can bring some to the car. Right now they're in a CD box thing and there is no way I will lug that out to the car.


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