August 11, 2012

Saturday Share

Good morning.  I think.  I'm not really sure.  The last couple of nights haven't been good ones sleep-wise.  It's been a combination of things....restless, can't get comfortable, and dogs who are either freaked out by storms, wanting to stay up all night, or up waaaaay before the crack of dawn raring to go.  Anyway, the world's looking a little bleary at this point.

Tim's already off to work on our friend's office.  He had some help lined up so that's good and he's knocking off early enough to go to church.  We have to pick up his aunt a little earlier than usual because the pastor's family and another key family are away so she asked me to kind of step in with greeting everyone and welcoming any new comers.

Not much else going on today.  There's a community-wide garage sale not far from here.  I'm debating on that....the weather forecast is for rain and storms.  More promising is another used book's preview day, $5 to get in and get first shot at the books.  Just might do that one.

Well, whatever I do, it's not happening until I get showered and dressed so let's get on with the Saturday Share links.  I've got some good ones this week.

  • Logan reminds us to Call Out the Greatness in others.
  • Moon to Moon takes us on a tour of some great bohemian homes.  
  • I think I missed my calling as a purveyor of architectural salvage.  I love old bits and pieces, especially windows.  Currently, I'm driving around with an old gothic church window in my trunk waiting for inspiration to strike.  Dishfunctional Designs has a lot of great ideas for repurposing old windows.
  • Pennsylvania has an elk herd.  Did you know that?  Going elk watching is one of the things to do at least once.  I have yet to go, but having lived in a wildlife preserve where they were a common sight, it hasn't been a real high priority.  Still, I plan to go one of these days.  This is supposed to be one of the best places to watch.
  • You know those "Hey Girl" memes with Ryan Gosling that have been taking over the internet?  Someone started "Hey Christian Girl."  Hilarious!
  • Whether you love or hate President Obama 2016 should be an "interesting" movie.
  • I've written lately of my trouble trusting other Christian women.  I'm not alone.  Neither are you.  Read what Ann Voskamp has to say about If You've Ever Been Wounded By Women.
Pinterest share of the week:

Swimpond.....absolutely the most awesome swimming pool ever!

Here's to enjoying your weekend...and what's left of the summer.  I know it's already ended for some of you and that's just sad.  Or maybe it's not.  Maybe you're doing the Mommy Dance of Joy right now.  Are you?  Well, whatever your feelings on the's to you.  Carpe diem! 


Modern Day Disciple said...

Hi Stacy!
Love that pool. And the toast...Oh you and I together at a book sale- DANGEROUS. I am so jealous. I browsed the real bookstore yesterday. But did not buy anything. Ultimate self-control. lol. Happy weekend. Praying that your sleep would be better.

Stacy said...

Dawn...the stupid preview turned out to be tonight at the same time I'm at church. :( So I went to a few garage sales instead. Got some sweet toys for my granddaughter and picked up some books for 25 cents each, so I guess it ended up a good day after all. :D And yes, some day we should go to a book sale together. A BIIIIIIG one. LOL


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