August 10, 2012

Following and Fragging on Empty

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I need a nap...which I will get to sooner or later.  Why do I need one?  Partly because a certain little puppy didn't seem to want to sleep last night....and partly because I did a favor for a friend.  At 6:00 A.M.

Our friends' son was born without ducts in his liver and had surgery to correct it (at least that's how I've always understood it).  It was, I think, always assumed that by his age (21 or 22) he'd either have outgrown any problems or have had to have a transplant.  Neither has happened so far and the doctors are kind of in uncharted territory with him.  It is beginning to look like there may have to be a transplant in his future, though, sometime down the road.

He's been having trouble with an infection for a couple of months now and infections and flare ups require trips to Children's Hospital in Pittsburgh.  It's unfortunate that Dad is legally blind and Mom has bad knees and really can't go that far from home.  They rely on friends to help them out and they are blessed with some great friends.  None of their regular drivers was able to take them today.  I had just mentioned to the mom the other day that I'd be glad to drive anytime as long as I wasn't working.  How's that for God's timing?

I had never been to Children's before and was blown away by how bright and friendly and appealing it is.  I bet a lot of kids actually get excited about going.  There's so much cool artwork and activities....I loved the interactive train diorama.  All hospitals (even the grown up ones) should be that happy.  Still, I knew what the place was and I was absolutely floored by how many kids were there in just our one waiting room for radiology, let alone all the other areas.

Offer up a prayer for this boy, please?  I've known him since he was 2 and at one point I was his youth leader.  He's almost like one of my own.  He's a living, breathing miracle every day as it is, but I'm hoping God has more in store for him in this lifetime.

The trip to see my son and his family yesterday was really nice.  We were all civil, maybe even nice....and my mom managed to avoid nearly all racist comments.  Sigh.  

Little Aeden is such a cutie.  He pretty much slept the whole time, but he was only five days old so we'll cut him some slack.  Sora, on the other hand, was WIDE awake!  She is a blur of energy...apparently from the minute her feet hit the floor until she drops into bed at night.  She doesn't take naps and hasn't for a long time.  She was soooo happy to see us and had such a good time playing with her Aunt Megan and me.  She was, by the way, in Princess mode yesterday (explains the lacy pink dress).

Sora and Aeden with Aunt Megan

Four Generations

Somebody did NOT want us to leave.

Check it out!

This week’s statements:

  1. when I was little my mom  _____
  2. ___ is my favorite condiment
  3. I don’t like to celebrate____ because____
  4. My ­­­­­­­____takes up more space  _____ and I can never__________

My answers:

  1.  When I was little my mom was one of the few working mothers I knew.

  2.  Salt is my favorite condiment.

  3.  I don't like to celebrate any day where the focus is on me because my husband and kids are notoriously horrible at remembering those and my feelings get a little hurt.

  4.  My books take up more space than anything else in the house and I can never say no to more.

Have a great weekend!  This girl is going to
find a good place to take a nap.


Ellen aka Ellie said...

You look so young, and what an earnest smile ! Love it!

Keetha Broyles said...

Sora is a cute blur of energy.

Hilary said...

Salt & I are not friends... but me and pepper = bff's!

Wendy S. said...

I love the photos of the family, Stacy...Such beautiful girls and little Aeden looks gorgeous. I"m the same way with books and it took all my resilience to part with some when I had to move. I wish now I hadn't given so many away but what's done is done. I'll just have to scout for new ones :)

Jennifer said...

My mom was one of the few career moms I knew growing up too.

Susi K aka BocaFrau said...

My mom was a working mom too but in Germany it was just what it was. I never knew what the struggle between working and stay at home mom was. It just didn't exist.


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