August 17, 2012

Summer Fragments, Had Me a Blast

Mommy's Idea

I'm just going to jump right into it today....summer's coming quickly to an end and I don't want to miss what's left!  So, here's a nod and thanks to Mrs. 4444 @ Half-Past Kissin' Time for thinking up Friday Fragments and hosting it week after week.

My girl has been staying at her aunt's again this week....babysitting the dog (an 80lb. Lab).  She hasn't been happy to say the least.  She's stuck there and none of her friends (not even the boyfriend) are willing to make the drive up to see her.  Add to that, her over-active imagination at night (she's in the boonies), a major flea infestation, and last night a killer headache with no aspirin/Tylenol/ibuprofen in sight.  The same aunt wants her to stay again over Labor Day weekend.  She really hates going so we are hoping she just says "No." 

I "celebrated" my 48th birthday on Wednesday.  It was also my mom's 68th.  That's right, we share the day. Mom's first cousin, Lucy, shares the day, too.  She is a couple of years older than Mom.  I got a few phone calls and an avalanche of wishes on Facebook (I love FB).  My mom gave me a card with some $$$, that I promptly spent on books (I am in need of a 12-step program).  Tim took me to dinner at Red Lobster.  

This is the last week of camp for the camp and conference center I've been driving for all summer.  They've invited us to a banquet at the lake Saturday evening, but I don't think we'll go.  It's at the same time as church and we need to meet with someone there this week.  Besides, I saw different counselors on the bus all the time and didn't really interact with the other would just be weird.  It was a fun time, though.  I liked being around the kids.  The last batch sang to me on Wednesday for my birthday.

Monday is the back-to-school meeting at work.  It will be interesting to see where the dust has settled.  First off, the school district is having a lot of financial difficulties and they hired an independent company to evaluate the bus runs.  We pretty much figured they would find ways to eliminate runs.  Well, they picked one run...MINE!  However, my boss told me it turned out to be an impossible nightmare to get my run covered by other buses so she and the owner went to the district and said they'd cut one, but asked if they couldn't pick one that worked out for them.  The district agreed....and my job was saved.  

Also up in the air is the transit drivers.  The bus company had a contract with the county's transit authority and maintained some of the buses and provided drivers.  The transit authority built a new central garage and started maintaining its own buses and providing its own drivers.  Most of the drivers out of work started as school bus drivers and several of them want to come back.  As of last month the owner hadn't decided how that was going to work....if they were going to keep their seniority and be able to bump other drivers or what.  We're all wondering about that.

Not to mention, we're wondering if we'll get our raises this year.

Next Thursday Tim and I are heading out for a few days of vacation.  Finally!  We're not going far, just up to the northwest corner of the state.  The Crawford Co. Fair will be going on and it's the biggest in the state.  I grew up going to it with my grandmother.  I'd go stay with her every summer for a couple of weeks and we'd go to the fair nearly every day.  We've talked about going for years.  We're also hoping to check out the wineries up in Northeast, PA (that's a town, not a direction) and maybe hit the beach at Lake Erie (more me than Tim, so.....).  We have lots of family up that way, but I think we're going to fly under the radar and not visit any of them this time.  Tim's been working so much we just need this time for us.

Please pray for my friend, Fran.  I've mentioned her on here before.  She teaches the Bible study I go to and is a pastor as well.  She and her husband have been out of state since last Friday.  The other day she ended up in the hospital with a severe headache.  They looked at all kinds of things and did a CT scan and found nothing.  They've eliminated tumor and stroke, which is good.  They are coming home later today and she's to have an MRI as soon as possible.


Follow Friday Four Fill-In Fun comes from Hillary @ Feeling Beachy
and her co-host this week, Janice @  Janice's Footsteps

This week’s statements:

  1. I ___ so much __ in a day
  2. I don’t like ____ but I love ___
  3. When I watch_______ I ­­­­____
  4. I have ________in my wallet.

My answers:

   1.  I drink so much Pepsi Next in a day.  :/
   2.  I don't like peanuts but I love peanut butter.
   3.  When I watch horror movies I cover my eyes, but always end up looking at the worst time.
   4.  I have a LOT of those customer loyalty/reward cards in my wallet.


Tracy said...

School districts here are begging people to come drive. Guess they could send the out-of-work drivers here.

Brenda Youngerman said...

I really feel for your daughter.... nothing worse than an over active imagination, a huge dog and fleas!
Have fun with your 'weekend away'

Wendy S. said...

So glad your bus run wasn't changed, Stacy. I know how much you love your job despite the occaaianol ill behaved children and am really glad you're going to get away for a small vacation before school starts. And again, happy late birthday.

Arlene said...

I have way too many of those reward cards in my wallet. It's like you can't shop at a store without them having to scan something. Have a great weekend!

Stacy said... OK school buses have air conditioning? Storm cellars? I've heard so much about the storms out there and the HEAT...I need those two things. Or at least the air. I'm not getting blown to OZ in a 150 degree bus! LOL

Brenda....She's home now and has supposedly said no to the next time already. And thanks, I can't wait to get away even if it is only a couple of days.

Wendy....I do love it and the kids. Well, mostly. I'm a little sad that my biggest problem, whose mother swore he wasn't even going to be in this school district this year, is on the roster. Even the mom's lie. :(

Stacy said...

Arlene...Big Brother is watching us!

Ellen aka Ellie said...

The buses here are owned by a bus company, not the school district--at least that's the case in my district.

If they cut a run, wouldn't your seniority keep you safe?

Stacy said...

Ellen...the school district doesn't own them here, either, but the district has major woes hence the independent co. to assess. And seniority should count, but we don't know where those other drivers will fall. Technically they worked for the company while driving transit buses so the question is whether they're going to let them bring that time back to the school bus division. Not to mention, the woman whose run got cut and is out of a job....had more seniority than nearly everyone. My boss said the owner is using her health as an excuse.

Hilary said...

i am the worst about keeping the loyalty cards.... I never do and then miss out on all the sales...

Simone said...

Hoping that that means you have enough seniority that your job is protected. The job stress is tough! Good for you guys for taking some time to be alone...meaning flying under the radar. Sometimes you just need to do that. Hope you've had a great summer!

"GB" said...

The school district in Atlanta has been cutting bus routes and the parents are upset. Cannot blame them, seems the routes would force the kids to walk through some questionable areas. Enjoy your quick vacation and the fair.

Stacy said...

Hilary...The "worst" thing is I carry them all, but rarely use them unless the cashier reminds me. I'm only good about using the ones for grocery stores.

Simone...Thanks. Say a prayer and keep hoping. We're all feeling like any excuse they can find to cut us right now will work for them.

GB...Parents are already not happy here because two years ago they consolodated two high schools into one meaning that some kids are on the bus for an hour. They've cut activity busing to the bone and I think the kids have to pay a fee to play sports. :/

Keetha Broyles said...

I've been admiring your fragment dividers all these weeks, so I finally clicked over to glitter graphics and found me some GREAT footballs, Wisconsin W's, and Colt's horseshoes!!!


Tracy said...

Some of the buses have air conditioning. My husband drives and he gets one of those unless it is needed for an activity. No storm shelters. We did have a tornado during afternoon let out at school. All the buses went to the nearest school. He ended up at an elementary school with 12 panicky middle schoolers with no cell phone coverage. That was not fun.

Jennifer said...

I also have tons of customer loyalty cards in my wallet. In fact, I could probably fill a normal size wallet with those alone!


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