August 18, 2012

Saturday Share

It looks to be a just about perfect late summer day out there.  We've been enjoying much cooler temperatures this week and the nights have actually been chilly.  Add some morning fog and fall peepers to the mix and it is starting to feel like Fall more than Summer.  That's a good thing, I guess....helps me get in the mood to go back to work, when I can guarantee the temps will jump back up and make the time in the bus miserable.  Happens every year.

Tim is, of course, working today.  In two places!  He's meeting with some guys at the church to talk about some drywall work this morning, but most of the day he'll be working on our friend's new branch office for her pediatric practice.  Is he going to make it to church?  He "doesn't know."  I'll take that as a "no" and be pleasantly surprised if he does.

I'm a little late getting this up today as the ladies' group from church met this morning.  We're working through Beth Moore's study on Esther.  It's really interesting and eye-opening.  Fran was there...even after another trip to the ER last night.  She was looking fantastic and seemed like her old self.  Current thinking is that it's her blood pressure going up and down like a yo-yo that's causing the problem.  The doctors don't know how they're going to treat it yet because giving her meds for high blood pressure makes it drop too low.  The mysteries of the human body, huh?

Megan is off to see Colt Ford in concert tonight.  And me?  I'm looking forward to church tonight, but other than that I'm kind of marking time till tomorrow evening.  Matt called me yesterday and invited me to go to the Steelers game with him.  Sunday night football....Steelers vs. Colts???  Oh yeah!  I am soooo there!

(Snitched from idea who to credit)

Okay, on to this week's links:
  • Want to do something to get the most out of these last weeks of summer?  Ann Voskamp shares the world's easiest to-do list.  It won't leave you feeling more stressed, I promise.  It just might leave you feeling refreshed......and grateful.  ;)
  • Here's another list idea.  You get to make this one up yourself.  What it is, is 101 simple things you want to do (sort of like a bucket list but maybe not as grand) and you have 1001 days to get it all done.  It's easy if you keep your list simple.  Just check out the link for the example.
  • Are you a closet poet?  Or maybe you think you can't write a poem to save your life?  Yes, you can!  I was introduced to the poem Where I'm From by George Ella Lyon several years back by another blogger.  I pull it out every now and then because I just love it and think it's one of the greatest things ever!  Click here to go to a page that gives a bit of an explanation, an example and a super easy to follow template.  Just fill in the blanks and you will be amazed at what a wonderful poet you really are.  Feel free to share your poems with me....I'd love to do a post on them.  :)
And here's the Pinterest share of the week: 

Pumpkin Gingerbread Trifle (click for recipe)

Now get out there and enjoy the weekend.....and don't forget to watch for me if you watch Sunday night football.  I'm sure I'll be easy to spot...I'll be the one wearing black and gold.  LOL


Wendy S. said...

You always give out such good links, Stacy! I always love checking out new blogs and really loved the first link with the photo list of summer things to do.

Stacy said...

Wendy...I'm so glad you liked the link to Ann's list. I've met Ann and she is a wonderful woman. You might like her book, too.


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