September 28, 2012

A Whiff of Friday in the Air

*sniff, sniff*  Smell that?  Don't you just love the smell of Friday in the morning?  I certainly do.  The days and weeks are so crammed full and passing by so quickly.  The weekends aren't a whole lot better, but we usually get a little time to sleep in and just relax.  Of course, sleeping in is kind of a relative thing.  When your normal wake-up time is 4:00 A.M......anything after 6:00 A.M. counts.  Well, enough small talk.  Let's get on with the business of Fridays...mainly Follow Friday Four Fill-In Fun and Friday Fragments.

Follow Friday comes to us courtesy of Hilary at Feeling Beachie and this week's co-host, Ali of Daughter-In-Law-Diaries.

This week's statements:

1. when I was little I was called ___
2. ___are my favorite candy
3. If I could have one magical power it would be______
4. If I could go back to school it would be to become a _________

My answers:

1. When I was little I was called George by my dad until a George came into our lives, from then on I became Sam.

2.  Jolly Ranchers and Werther's are my favorite candy.

3.  If I could have one magical power it would be making everyone treat each other with respect.

4.  If I could go back to school it would be to become something in ministry or a politician.  How's that for conflicting choices?  LOL

Mommy's IdeaFriday Fragments are the creation of Mrs. 4444 over at Half-Past Kissin' Time.  She was kind enough to create a place for us to share all those little bits and pieces of the week that just don't make a blog post on their own.  Thank you, ma'am!

I have to confess I'm not feeling very fraggy this week.  I've been busy, but it's work, work, work and volunteer, volunteer, volunteer.  Not a lot of new stuff to tell, but I'll see what I can scrape up.

I did teach Bible study Tuesday evening...and I got off lucky!  Hardly anyone was there.  Just me, two couples and one young boy who sits in with his parents.  You know what?  I went ahead with what I had planned and we had a good time and some great discussion.  It was a good place to get my feet wet.  You probably would have heard my knees knocking if everyone had been there.

Making calls for the GOP is getting boring.  Well, I'm still having a LOT of fun because of the people I'm working with, but as we get closer and closer people are either screening their calls more or getting nastier.  I prefer the former.  How do we know they are screening?  Because I'd guess at least 90% of the calls aren't answered except by voice mail or machine.  Of course we also get people who just pick up the phone and drop it back down to end it, those who lie to us saying so-and-so isn't there or doesn't live there and then in the next sentence give away that they are so-and-so.  There are also the nice polite people who listen to your whole speech only to hang up on you while you are asking the questions.  They do it so quietly that you never know until there is no response.

Looking forward to a fairly quiet weekend...Ladies group tomorrow morning, then church.  Tim's boss's father passed away so we will be going to the funeral home after church.  Nothing is planned for Sunday and that's just fine with me.  We need to get stuff done around here and relax a little bit.

You all have a wonderful weekend....and stop back tomorrow for Saturday Share.


Wendy S. said...

How funny you were called 'George" and then "Sam" lol....I love Werther's too. Good choices Stacy.

Wayne W Smith said...

Survey work is never fun.

Ellen aka Ellie said...

At least you fragged. I haven't in weeks and weeks.

Beth Zimmerman said...

My dad called me "Boots", my aunt called me "Benny Sue" (I think I prefer Boots), and in HS I became "Betz" because of my Brazilian "brother" who couldn't pronounce a "th" to save his life!

retired not tired said...

I am so glad that Werther"s has a chocolate candy now.

Hilary said...

how did he ever come up with George?


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