September 20, 2012

Pondering With A Purpose: Venting

Uh, oh....Ms. Brenda might be opening a can of worms with this week's Pondering With A Purpose prompt (should you want to join in, you can check out all the rules...they're really, really simple...on her blog).

This week's prompt is......Venting.

I have to say that on the whole I limit my venting.  I really wasn't allowed to vent growing up.  That would have been disrespectful.  I don't necessarily agree with that thinking now that I'm an adult, but I think we should still exercise a whole lot of caution in our venting.  You may think your venting is  harmless or amusing, but it may be very hurtful to someone else.  You can apologize for spoken words, but you can never take them back.  Once said, they are out there for good.  That also applies to the written word.  Trust me, I've experienced the painful truth of this.

Some vents can be good, though.  I'm thinking more along the lines of the anonymous, generic vents.  Most of my vents are related to driving since that is my job and I'm on the road so much.  Probably my number one rant is about drivers waiting to pull out into traffic who sit and watch the school bus approach and at the last minute shoot out right in front of it.....only to take the very next turn-off.  Grrrr!  Do people have a death wish?  Do they not know that a school bus going 40 mph has a much greater stopping distance than a Prius doing 40 mph??  Do they not know that their little eco-friendly car is NOT going to win in a contest with a bus?  And what about the kids?  Don't they care about the safety of all those kids?

Vent #2 would be people who get in front of me and drive 10 mph slower than the speed limit....until I go to pass them and then they suddenly develop a lead foot and if I want to pass them I have to go at least 20 mph over the speed limit.

My final vent is related to my volunteer activities at the GOP office.  Dear sir or madame....I understand that you might not want to take a political survey.  I understand that you may not share my political views.  I get that and it's your right to feel that way.  This is the United States, after all.  But please, if that's the case, could you just state so in a civil manner or even just hang up the phone?  I really don't appreciate your rants about things I have no control over.  I know you are just venting your frustration, but don't make me your target.  I especially didn't appreciate you, Mr. Pottymouth, when you screamed vulgar things about Mitt Romney at me and then cursed me to hell before slamming the phone down.  Very mature....and I'm sure your mamma would be soooo proud that you'd speak that way to a woman.

Okay, end of vents.  I've got to get going to my appointment with the doctor or his nurse will be venting at me.


Marti said...

When I used to drive a school bus, I was always amazed at the thoughtless drivers. I did my share of under my breath mumbling. It seems like drivers out there are like a pack of wild animals, you almost take your life in your hands when you are in their territory.

Bless you for your work.

My Kid's Mom said...

I'd hate to drive a schoolbus! One - I wouldn't want to be responsible for the kids, two - there's just too many crazy drivers out there to drive for a living!

Brenda Youngerman said...

OK... now that I have picked myself up off of the floor from laughing so hard... bravo! It doesn't matter if you're driving a bus or a car, drivers are down right rude (or stupid)! I seriously let everyone in... hoping they will pay it forward.. well I must be at the back of the line!!!
and as far as poll shouldn't matter what you are calling about ... common courtesy should always be a must!

Thanks for pondering with me!

Wayne W Smith said...

Survey work is tough to do no matter what the subject matter is though I am willing to wager that political stuff lately is worse than normal.

Stacy said...

Marti...Drivers are amazingly thoughtless when a school bus is involved. The idea of being stuck behind one seems to throw a "switch" in the minds of most people.

My Kid's Mom...Believe it or not, I actually like it. Most of the time. ;)

Brenda...I love laughter so if I gave that to you I consider it a successful day. And yes, common courtesy would be very welcome. I am always polite no matter what they throw at me and lately they have really been slinging the ugly.

Wayne...You're right. I worked for a telemarketing company once. I lasted a week. It was horrible! The only thing that keeps me going here is that I believe completely in the cause.

McGuffy Ann said...

This was valid and well done. Thanks.
Here's my "vent"...
McGuffy's Reader

Beth Zimmerman said...

Reasonable vents one and all!

mare ball said...

When people "vent" at me, I try to remember that I have no idea what's going on in that person's life. I try to just keep it as their problem, not mine. I hate it when people get upset w/ waiters, cashier, service people. They have tough jobs and the general public can be rude.


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