September 07, 2012

Saturday Share

So many amazing links to little time.  I'm off to the ladies' group study of Esther this morning.  After that it's a couple hours volunteering at the GOP office and from there I'll be headed to church.  It's going to be a great day!

Here are some links for you to enjoy this weekend.  The bus runs are finally settling down and working themselves out so I hope to be back to normal posting next week.

This week's links:

Having just lost my bestest fur buddy ever this past February due to what I feel sure was a tumor or kidney failure....this article struck a nerve.  I am totally rethinking what I give the dogs.  Totally.

Think you don't have enough money to invest?  Here's how to start investing with just $1.

The RNC video tribute to Ronald Reagan.

 And the Pinterest share of the week:

Maybe it's just me, but these look absolutely divine!

Click for recipe.

You have a great weekend and be safe!

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