October 15, 2012

Hope on the Rock

My favorite country singer has a new CD coming out in just a few days.  I'm kind of excited about that, because I happen to think he is a good musician, singer, and songwriter....I just wish he wasn't in this rut where so many of his songs are about drinking.  There's nothing wrong with having a beer or two or enjoying a good bottle of wine with dinner, but the party mentality is only going to lead to heartache and trouble.  Oh wait, that's a country song in the making, isn't it?  Still, there are so many who really look up to Toby and a lot of them are very young adults who rush into that lifestyle willingly as it is.

Then there is the title. Hope on the Rocks.  You can take that two ways, I guess.  On the rocks, as in in a glass over ice or on the rocks, as in falling apart and on the skids.  It got me to thinking.....

In the Christian life hope and rock are pretty common words.  Just a small change in Toby's title pretty much sums up what it is to be a Christian...Hope on the Rock.  God is our rock, the solid foundation we can build on and because He sent his son to take our place in death...we now have the hope of an eternity with God.

So when we feel like our hope is on the rocks, we need to reevaluate and make sure that our hope is planted firmly on The Rock.

Continuing to count:

541.  A daughter's thoughts on marriage vs. living shared with a friend...and making their way to my ears.

542.  A heavenly "wallop" upside the head when it's needed.

543.  Just the right message at just the right time.

544.  Reversals of destiny...those times when life takes a sudden turn and does the completely unexpected, but perfectly right thing.

545.  The age and wisdom to be able to step back and look at life and see where God's hand has been.

546.  A brother-in-law out of Afghanistan and safely back in the U.S.

547.  No serious injury to a son's knee.

548.  The cuteness of the puppy, who when wanting what I am eating, will bring a toy to trade.

549.  Rest.

550.  Indian Summer days of fire colored leaves and impossibly blue skies.

551.  Okay, and Toby's new CD coming soon!

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