October 22, 2012

Time Marches On

Yes, I am still alive and kickin' and probably having too much fun as of late, but between work, church activities and my continued volunteer efforts at the GOP office, there isn't much time to write and there definitely hasn't been any time to spend reading your blogs and catching up.....except late at night and that won't do.  I can tell you exactly how it would end.

Who wants to walk around looking like they slept on a waffle iron?  And drool in the keyboard can't be a good thing.

It's (and by it's, I mean everything) all about time isn't it?  We have all these great gadgets and high tech gizmos that make our work easier than it's ever been, but rather than freeing us up and giving us more time it seems to have the opposite effect and we just take on more, filling all the hours there are.  No wonder we're all so stinking tired and grouchy all the time!

Then there's that big unexplainable wrinkle in the space-time continuum (I have no idea if there is such a thing or if I stole it from Star Trek, but just typing such a geeky thing makes me feel smarter.  LOL)....the fact that the older a person gets, the faster time passes.  One of the truest things I've heard said was by a speaker at my high school graduation.  He pointed out that we thought it had taken forever, a lifetime, to get to that point, but that we were about to begin finding out just how short life really is because in the time it took us to walk up onto the stage, take our diplomas, and walk back off the stage the clock would be ticking twice as fast.

Oh, that man was sooooo right and oh, how I wish he hadn't been.  I wish the days when my children were growing up had lasted much, much longer.  There were things with them I wanted to enjoy longer and things I wanted to do with them that never got done.  There have been many things I've wanted to do but never found the time.  There are days so crammed full I don't even notice there are flowers, let alone take time to smell them.

I was really walloped a good one the other day.  Does God ever do that to you (or is it just me that needs it), just smack you right upside the head to get your attention?  He did it at church during my friend, Fran's sermon.  For starters, He taught me something new....Did you know that as believers we're going to be judged twice?  You read that right.  Followers of Christ face two judgements.  Just like everyone we will stand before God and give a personal accounting, but we will also stand before Jesus and be judged on our works in the body of believers.

Personally, I'm not too worried about that first one.  Oh, I'm sure there are going to be scenes from my life that when replayed in the company of God will make me squirm, but I am saved, I have repented of my sin, and I try to grow and do better.  So, I know that's going to end okay.  That second one, though......  That one is all about what we've done once we are saved.  Have we been imitators of Christ?  Have we loved?  Have we worked for the kingdom?  Have we cared for the weak?  Have we told people about Him?  There's an awful lot we should be doing as believers in the church, but are we doing it?  That's what Jesus is going to look at....  how we spent our time.  Ohhhh boy.  Time to make time to examine priorities so that when that day comes we will get to hear "Well done."

Continuing to count with Ann and the others:

552.  A brother-in-law home from Afghanistan, healthy and whole.
553.  Christmas festivals in the woods.
554.  A possible job (we'll know later today) for a daughter! 
555.  A promotion and raise for a son.
556.  Summer-like days in October.
557.  A mouth that is healing from two pulled teeth...no dry sockets!!
558.  Artists who freeze moments in time.
559.  Writers who tell stories.
560.  Musicians who capture feelings in sound.
561.  Friends who will pray for you, whether you ask or not.

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Beth Zimmerman said...

Love this: "There are days so crammed full I don't even notice there are flowers, let alone take time to smell them." Me too, dear friend! Me too!


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