January 08, 2013

Living Differently

Anyone been feeling the pinch (or beginning to) of our slumped economy?  Or are you worried about what the future's going to bring us?  We felt it about this time last year when construction projects seemed to dry up.  Banks just weren't releasing funds.  Things started picking back up in the late spring and Tim's been busy (too busy, actually) ever since.  The thing is, we got a taste of just how quickly things can go south and we have more than a little fear about where our government is taking us.  We're not ready to become "preppers" but we are more than ready to get back to a simpler lifestyle.  We'd move to the country if we could, but that's not likely to happen so we're looking at living simpler and more frugally.

I mention this to point you in the direction of some new links to blogs and sites over in the sidebar.  They are for sites and blogs devoted to simple living and frugal living.  Feel free to check them out and if you know of a good site, please, hook me up!


Beth Zimmerman said...

We're trying to get back to REAL food ... fresh fruits and veggies, fresh meats, fresh dairy ... nothing processed. I suspect it will do better things for our waistlines than it will for our wallets!

Stacy said...

I agree. Eating healthy is not cheap...that's why you don't see too many fat rich people. They can afford the good stuff.


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