January 05, 2013

Saturday Share: 2013 Edition

It's been a while since I've done one of my Saturday Share posts.  For those of you who aren't familiar with them...all it is, is a collection of links to blogs, sites, and other miscellaneous stuff I found interesting during the course of the week.  I just put them all together in one place to give you some easy browsing for the weekend.

So, here we go....and I have to be quick.  I'm waiting on Tim to bring in the boxes so I can pack up the Christmas stuff and put the house back to normal.

Andi lists three perfect gifts to give writers...and explains why NOT to give them.

HGTV is doing it again.  It's time for them to give away another dream home.  This time it's a vacation home off the coast of South Carolina.  Click here for a chance to win it and take the virtual tour.  It's fabulous!

Several bloggers are sharing lists of books they consider "must reads".  Do you have a list?  Are you looking for suggestions?  Start here.
I am totally in love with Thirty-One totes and storage solutions.  I'm thinking I will have a party either later this month or in February...a little something to break up the winter blahs.  Everyone at work says they will come.  It's a new product/party line in this area....wondering if I could do well at selling it?  Something to look into, maybe.

The boxes are coming in so here is my favorite Pinterest pin of the week and then I've got to run.

I could totally do this!

Have a great weekend, everyone!


Dawn Paoletta said...

Love your Saturday shares! My daughter and Hubby are entering to win the dream home. They obsess about it. About Thirty -One- one can never have two many bags in my opinion. Or books, or rocks. But that's just me. We need something to carry our books and rocks in. At least I do. lol. Love the pinterest pin except I have a strong aversion to beading...I tried it once and hated it. I would definitely string the shells though! Love and hugs- have a great week!

Beth Zimmerman said...

The photo is beautiful. Might even look equally gorgeous in a snow bank!

I know, from FB, that Christmas is now all packed up. Good job! Hate that part of the season!


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