January 12, 2013

Saturday Share-Jan. 12, 2013

Good morning!  Today's Saturday Share post marks one year of Sharing.  Yep, it's true.  I just took a look back to see how long I've been at this (we won't talk about the huge gap that lasted the entire Fall season through Christmas) and I posted the very first share on January 14, 2012.

It's definitely quiet around here today.  Tim is working, finishing up a small job down near the Maryland border.  Megan is asleep (and will be all day).  I picked her up at 8:15 from her job.  She was exhausted.  I'm awake, but that could change.  The ladies' group from church started Beth Moore's study on Jesus this morning but last night I was running a low-grade temp and feeling achy (better today but still not quite right) so I stayed home rather than take my germs out to share.  At the rate this last month has gone, I'm going to be the one walking around wearing a mask.

Plenty I can be doing here, though.  I want to get busy on my PlannerPerfect planner, my coupon notebook, the new James Rollins book is sitting there calling my name, the video cabinet needs organized (the stuff that got drug out New Year's Eve is still on top because I can't get it back in), the baskets that hold all my baking supplies look like they've been pillaged by zombies, and as always there is laundry waiting.

I have lots of links bookmarked to share with you so let me choose a few to help you wile away the hours....

Rattled by rising prices at the supermarket?  Here are 7 tips to cut your costs.

Everything you ever wanted to know...and need to know...about this year's flu from the CDC.

Looking for a new house?  The house that was used to represent Mary Tyler Moore's home in the show of the same name is up for sale.

Do you like shopping at Target?  Did you know they have daily deals and lots of coupons online that you can print out?

Feeling the need to buy a little something to remember our president by?  This post rounds up several items of "Obama-bilia" all in one place.  With pictures.  There is just something wrong (and a little creepy) with Obama soap-on-a-rope.

Did you know your brain can be overwhelmed by all the stuff you try to cram into it in one day?  Modern technology makes it way too easy for this to happen.  Read here to learn about it and how to go on a digital diet.

My Pinterest pick of the week:

Love me some Duck Dynasty!
There you go.  Have a great weekend and if you're lucky enough to be in the parts of the country being blessed with unseasonably warm weather (we're expecting to hit 65 degrees today!) get up off your duff and get out there and enjoy it because it's all downhill after tomorrow.


Dawn Paoletta said...

I love your Saturday Shares! I also love that house...why did I think she lived in an apartment. I will have to watch some re-runs! OK, so let me know how you do with Planner Perfect - just make it your own...Have a sweet weekend, Dawn

Stacy said...

Dawn...MTM did live in an apartment, but this is the house they showed in the opening that it was supposed to be in.

I'm doing great with the Planner, by the way. Spent a big chunk of yesterday figuring it out. Loving it! Got up and followed my plan today. It was a very productive day. :)


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