January 11, 2013

Thawed-Out Fragments & Fun

Mommy's IdeaI can't believe it's Friday again.  We're nearly two weeks into 2013.  Where are the days going???  At least I can report that while it is raining, the temperature is above 40 (and expected to reach the low 50s), and the *$%@# ice is finally melting.  The parking lot at work is gravel so plowing it only goes so far and 30 buses and all the employee vehicles just pack the remaining snow until we're left with a thick base of ice.

This week it warmed up a little so it melted a little then it rained a little and then it refroze....smooth and slick as can be.  On Wednesday afternoon an older guy and I made it into the garage clinging to one another.  Several of us complained to our boss, wanting to know how many have to fall (2 or 3 have so far) and why they don't salt.  "Oh," she said, "It's a losing battle.  We can salt now and it'll help for now, but it'll just refreeze and be icy in the morning."  Uh, I'm not seeing the problem there.  If that's the case, you salt now and then you salt again in the morning.  You do whatever you have to do to keep your employees from busting their heads open on the ice.

I solved my own problem yesterday.  I took my own bag of salt to work and salted my way from my car to the garage.  I don't know how my boss felt about it, but hey, if it spurs her to get on the problem next go round...mission accomplished!

I'm going to enjoy this warm weather through the weekend because Monday it's going to start sliding back down and be below normal by this time next week.  Yippee.

Big, big, GINORMOUS news!  Megan got a job!!!  She finally called a local plant that pretty much always has a "Now Hiring" sign out.  My mom and I have been after her for months to apply there.  She finally did last week and went for an interview on Monday.  She got hired on the spot.  Is it a dream job?  Well, no.  She works 8pm - 8:15am and her schedule rotates.  One week she works Monday and Tuesday, is off Wednesday and Thursday, then works Friday, Saturday, and Sunday.  The next week is the opposite days.  It pays $8.25 to start and she'll get daylight as soon as they have an opening.  At least it is finally a job and a purpose to her days.  Hallelujah!

Organization is the name of the game around here.  I am going to be so organized this year it's going to hurt!  Seriously.  Tim and Megan don't respond well to attempts to organize them.  I'm putting my One Word for the year (intentional) into play here.  I recently purchased a Planner Perfect planner and companion ebook.  The creator, Jenny Penton, has been great so far and I hear she is a wonderful encourager.  I'm following her on Facebook, too.  

There are a lot of things that need organized around here, but I'm starting with something small...it's all about eating that elephant one bite at a time.  In other words, don't look at the whole, huge, daunting picture....just look at what you need to do today and do that.  I bought an inexpensive notebook, dividers, and plastic pocket pages at Walmart this morning.  I am going to organize my coupons this weekend so that I might actually use them.

Tim seems to finally be on the mend.  I think he did it just to avoid going to see the doctor.  Yes, he can be that stubborn about going.  Me?  I feel okay.  It's just that my chest (upper, not the lungs) gets tight sometimes....like if I'm talking more than a couple of words, or singing, or I do a little too much, or get a big breath of diesel fumes (happens around the buses).  That really doesn't seem to be going away.  And today I woke up feeling okay, but my throat feels.....off, like maybe something's coming.  I hope not.  Just heard on the news that Pennsylvania seems to be the epicenter for the flu this year.  We are being hit hard and people are going down left and right.  ER's are overwhelmed, I dare you to try and find anyone who still has the flu vaccine to give you, and the last time I looked the shelves of cold/flu remedies and pain killers were a barren wasteland.  I've seen people wearing masks.  EVERYONE is wiping down the shopping carts with antibacterial wipes at the stores.  School kids are collecting (and using) hand sanitizer in those nifty holders that hook on your backpack.  Me?  So far I'm resisting the urge to blast every kid who gets on the bus with a good shot of Lysol, but it's touch and go.  I really, really want to spray the little walking germ bags.

Okay, moving on to something more fun than the flu.....


Feel free to click on the picture above to join in or just 
to see the list of everyone participating.

This week’s statements:

1. When I __ I ___
~ When I dream I dream big!

2. It is pretty funny that ____
~ It is pretty funny that my 6 pound poodle will sit there with two bones while my 65 pound hound lays there and looks sad.

3. It may be strange but ___
~ It may be strange but I have a hard time expressing myself with words...unless they are written.

4. How ______ made me ______.
~ How my dad treated me made me put up walls.


Tracy said...

Maybe you can set up a lysol mist system so it is motion activated on the bus.

Stacy said...

Tracy...I like it! ;)

Joyce said...

I had company today so had to chip some of the slowly melting ice off the front steps. We had cleared a small path thru it, but our gutters drip onto the porch and it runs down the steps so they keep refreezing. I'm surprised your work is willing to chance someone getting hurt-I'd be bringing my own salt too!

Have a nice weekend!

Bee said...

Ugh, I hate being sick. We're finally just getting over our prolonged colds here in Chicago. Even the cat had a cold!

Wayne W Smith said...

Yeah, dreaming big is awesome!

Johnnypsmom said...

#3, that is me as well. I so relate. If you ask me my opinion, it is better if I write it to you.

Beth Zimmerman said...

Bert's immune system is compromised so the flu really scares him. He carries his little bottle of hand sanitizer everywhere. It used to startle, and maybe embarrass, me when he whipped it out after greeting time at church. Now I'm just glad he's careful!

I like the motion activated Lysol Mist System idea! =)

Simone said...

Each kid needs to have their own mask when they walk on to the bus. This will insure that the germs aren't going anywhere.

I think it's wise for you to spread your own salt. That's showing how much your manager truly cares. Hope no one gets hurt.

Hilary said...

I understand the words... I think a lot of people feel that way

Doreen said...

In my part of Pa. we havn't had much snow or ice yet but I know its coming.
I am so glad I got my flu shot back in November. My out of the house job requires it. I have been sick for 2 weeks with some awful thing that resembles the flu..rotten luck!!
I'm laughing about your little dog and the bones because my smaller dog sits there with his bones and the bigger one just wants them so bad. I swear the little one does it on purpose, I know he does:)
I am going to my grand daughters birthday party today with my hand sanitizer and seriously considering the mask.
Have a Blessed weekend!!

Rory Bore said...

Here in Ontario, you can be held liable in someone slips on the ice in front of your business, the school...even your home walkway because you didn't put salt or sand down. Some stores have gone out of business because they got sued due to an injury and had to pay the person!

I don't know what bug is attacking us up here, but I love that idea of motion activated Lysol! LOL

Life in a Small Town said...

We had the flu/strep/stomach bug going around at both of my schools before Christmas, so hopefully it's out of here!


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