February 13, 2013

A Lenten Wednesday Hodgepodge

It's time for everybody's favorite over-the-hump activity....the Wednesday Hodgepodge with Joyce @ From This Side of the Pond.

1.  This week marks the beginning of Lent...will you be giving something up or adding anything to your life during this season of the year? 
~ My faith doesn't require that I give up something during lent.  I believe we should live toward the sacrificial all the time.  Still, there isn't anything wrong with it and giving up something extra can be good.  I'm planning at least a partial Facebook fast.  I haven't quite decided, but I am either going to avoid it during the day or the evening.

2. The day before Lent is Shrove Tuesday... tradition states you eat pancakes on this day. In some parts of the world Shrove Tuesday is actually known as 'pancake day'. How do you like your pancakes? Or don't you? 
~ Shrove?  Hm, learn something new every day.  I've never heard it called anything but Fat Tuesday.  As for the pancakes...I like buckwheat cakes with real butter and maple syrup.

3.  I'm sure there are many, but what's one love song you really love? 
~ This one:


4.  What are some things you do to let others know you love them? 
~ For starters, I tell them.  Besides that I think it's the little everyday things more than the grand gestures that speak loudest....making their favorite foods, bringing the paper in every morning so he doesn't have to go get it, watching the Military Channel (even though I'd rather not), seeing some little thing you know they'd like and surprising them with it, etc.

5.  Roses...red, pink, or do you prefer another color? Can you recall the last time someone gave you flowers? Given your choice would you like to open the door and see a dozen red roses, a dozen purple tulips, or a dozen pink peonies?
~ I like pink and white roses and smart boy that he is, that's what Tim sent me the day after our first date.  Impressed the heck out of my mom!  LOL  Given my choice, I'd pick the peonies.  I like the old-fashioned casualness of them.

6.  President's Day will be celebrated in America next Monday. Does US Presidential history and trivia interest you?  Many Presidential homes are open to the public and offer guided tours...Monticello (Jefferson's home), Mount Vernon (Washington's home), Montpelier (James Madison's home), Hyde Park(FD Roosevelt's home) and The White House (home to the sitting President) to name just a few. Of those listed which would you be most interested in touring?  Why?
~ Yes, I'm interested.  I've read more than one biography.  Of the homes listed, I'd most like to visit Monticello because I think Jefferson had one of the most amazing minds the world has ever seen.

7.  Are you good at keeping secrets? 
~ I can be...unless they are about someone being hurt, in danger, or something like that.  I might break a confidence in such a situation.

8.  Insert your own random thought here.

~ Just a piece of advice....


Rochelle@AFamilyofLooneys said...

I love your answer to how you let others know you love them. I feel like that also. It is the little things that say I love you.

April said...

Agreed...the little things mean the most! What a great random thought!

Teri said...

Great random thought.

Stacy said...

Rochelle...They only seem little till you stop doing them. :)

April & Teri...I know, right? If only we were half as wonderful as our dogs think we are. :)

Joyce said...

I love that quote. If only! Monticello really is a fascinating place. I know we hear a lot these days about Jefferson's faults, but he was definitely a man ahead of his time.

Debby@Just Breathe said...

I think your right, giving up something isn't a bad thing to try!
I never heard of Shrove either. Love your random.....

retired not tired said...

Love your flower story. They guys impress first.the Moms

Teri said...

Stacy, thanks so much for visiting my site. I've bookmarked you, too. And thank you for the well wishes on being a survivor. Although this journey has been filled with anguish, God has blessed me so abundantly through it that I count it a blessing.


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