February 07, 2013

Racing to Ponder

Thursdays around here mean Pondering with a Purpose along with Ms. Brenda.  Pondering is a sweet little blog hop in which Brenda gives us a tiny, little prompt.  Really, it's just one word, but here is where you find out the power of words.  It's totally amazing and interesting to read where the prompt takes everyone.  Click on the button or the link to join in or just to read the other entries.

This week's prompt: Race

Race.  Thanks to the recent election season and the continued political climate (especially if you spend any time on Facebook) the first thing that comes to mind is ethnicity.  I really hate that.  I'm not a person that has ever given any concern to where a person comes from (other than interest in different cultures) and I certainly don't care what color someone's skin is.  God created all the colors, so that is good enough for me.  The worst thing that has come out of recent politics is the deep racial divisions.  We have the first president of a mixed racial heritage...you'd have thought he'd have been better at uniting us rather than polarizing us.

The other thing that comes to mind when I think about "race" is rushing to catch up or get something finished.  I am a terrible, terrible procrastinator and I do my best work at the last minute.  I never confessed to my kids because I didn't want them to try it, but even as a journalism major in college with a minor in English, I NEVER wrote a rough draft of a paper except for the time or two I actually had to turn one in as part of my grade.  No, all my papers were typed as a finished product the night before they were due.  If you're expecting me to confess poor or mediocre grades, sorry.  I got A's.

I am still the same way about most things.  Nothing will get my house cleaned faster than company due at any time.  I race around like a tornado on speed, stressed...and stressing everyone around me, but it gets done and it gets done well.  Sometimes I think it would be nice to spread things out and not get stressed, but then along comes a good book, or an interesting show, or a call from friends, or Facebook, or organizing my purse, or .......well, you get the picture......and the next thing I know it's T-minus 5 and counting!

So, those are my thoughts on race.  Thanks for pondering with me.


My Kid's Mom said...

I've always worked better under pressure too! Amazing how fast you can go when you know you have to.

Wayne W Smith said...

Yeah, we all procrastinate at times.

Judy said...

Great thoughts! I was going to comment earlier, but I also am a procrastinator :)

Rory Bore said...

Oh, you so get me.
T - minus get 'er done doer myself.

As a Canadian, I've been following the Obama administration with great interest because he was the first mixed race President. I have not come to any finite conclusions yet....I guess I am saving my opinion until his last term is done.
But I can't help but think, for your country's sake: Please Do More.

Brenda Youngerman said...

Stacy... I was exactly the same way as you when it came to writing papers (and books it appears)... huge term papers written in the last week of the term.... no rough draft, no outline, just put 'er down.... and like you... A's. How was I to know you were supposed to do all that prep work if I got A's without it?

Thanks for pondering with me

retired not tired said...

I prefer to free-thought my blogs and my answers. First thoughts are the best. Yours were terrific.

Beth Zimmerman said...

You and I are so alike in so many ways! My sister from another mister! =)

Any new theme ideas? How about Wit & Wisdom, Life on the Wild Side, or On the Sidelines with Stacy? I'll keep thinking. =)

Stacy said...

My Kid's Mom...Exactly! Knowing that I absolutely have to is great motivation.

Wayne...You? I wouldn't have guessed it. :)


Rory...I am beginning to think we share DNA. ;) I don't know what to tell you about Obama. This country is so divided right now. I am afraid of what the future may hold.

Brenda...I am so glad to finally find someone else that did/does it that way. I actually did worse when I tried to do it the "right" way. I did find, though, that I am getting too old for all-nighters and that kind of stress when I took seminary classes two years ago.

Retired...First-thoughts. I like that.

Beth...That we are. No, I didn't do any more thinking today. Life on the Wild Side??? It feels pretty darn tame around here to me.

Josie Two Shoes said...

Racing to get done what was left to the last minute... that is so very true of me as well, and the older I get the worse I am at doing it. Sometimes I push it one step to far and find my wheels spinning in the final moments. I wish I wouldn't, but just as you note, there as so many interesting distractions! :-)


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