February 08, 2013

Friday Fragments - Feb. 8, 2013

Mommy's Idea

Sitting here waiting for Nemo to find me.  Actually, I'm not.  I don't want to be found, but our area is outside the path of snow dumpage for a change.  Still, a smaller system is bringing rain this morning and...@$%#$%&^!....snow this afternoon.  Nothing on a Nemo scale, but most likely enough, given the timing, to make the afternoon bus run an absolute "joy."  I don't know about you, but I am so over winter.  Bring on the sunshine and flip flops!


Trying to keep the peace between Tim and my friend (and Bible teacher) from church.  She is the one he thinks is trying to take over and run the show instead of acting as a go between for him with the other men working when he can't be there.

How, exactly, am I doing that?  He tells me what needs done and I send her emails.  I'm not sure it's working because things are still getting screwed up and he is blaming her and from the tone of her email this morning, she just might be blaming him.

And me?  I am seeing where Tim might have a bit of a point.  I wrote exactly what Tim wanted in a list of materials and a few items were purchased incorrectly.  A comment was made that something wasn't what Tim asked for (yes, it was...we were VERY specific on purpose...even gave the material # because we know we are dealing with people who are not trained construction workers, but volunteers) and about something else what was the difference in the two things.  Obviously, something or Tim wouldn't have specified one over the other.

So, yeah....still working on this one.


Hosting a Thirty-One party here at the house next Friday.  I just heard of the products this past Fall and I love what I see.  So being the cheap frugal soul I am....it's party time!  I seem to have, for once, jumped on a bandwagon at just the right time.  Those who know about Thirty-One aren't sick of it yet (think Home Interiors, Tupperware, et.al.) and those who haven't heard about it at all are very interested.  Yea!

Now all I have to do is a major house cleaning.  Boo!

If you want to know more or already know and want to order....click on the above link and it will take you to my representative's site.  You can check out the catalog there and if you want to order (from me) you just click on the "Place an Order" tab at the top of the page and the page that comes up will have my name (Stacy Artis) and party info on it.

Easy Breezy Tote

My aunt was in town last weekend from Arizona.  She is one of my mom's younger (by 7 years) sisters who are twins.  We aren't very close any way, but the Arizona-Pennsylvania thing doesn't help.  I probably see her once every couple of years.  Holy cow!  I was so shocked when I saw her this time.  She has turned into this strange little old lady, who tends to speak baby-talk (both of my aunts do for who knows what reason) and looks to be about 10-20 years older than my mom.  She's basically become (in looks) my grandfather's sister.  I hope genetics are a little kinder to me.  We'll find out soon enough as she is only 13 1/2 years older than me.


Do you have a Nook or a Kindle or any of the other ereaders?  I know there are some other companies out there if you do a search, but do yourself a favor and start, at least, with BookBub.com to find daily deals for your reader.  You simply register and tell them what kind of reader you have and every day you get an email featuring free and/or low cost ebooks.  I've gotten several free books for my Nook in the last couple of weeks.  I will say, though, that there are a LOT more free deals for Kindle than for Nook.  Another boo!

Looks like it's time for me to head out to work for the afternoon.  If you're seeing this before evening, say a prayer, please, that the snow holds off till the kids are home...and the drivers, too.  Have a great weekend and I'll see you right here tomorrow for the Saturday Share.


Dawn Paoletta said...

Enjoying the snow...be safe, my friend. God is with you!

Tracy said...

I wonder if the books work on the kindle app for ipad? I'll have to check it out.

Tracy said...

And the answer was YES! Got a bunch of free books. Thanks for the tip.

Joyce said...

Thanks for the Book tip...I'll check it out. Stay safe driving today. I don't envy you...schools closed here today. They probably could have done a half day, but who knew that this morning? Better safe than sorry.

Have a nice weekend!

Keetha Broyles said...

Those are some awesome flip flops in your opening photo, but it will be several months or more before we can wear flip flops in these here parts!

Beth Zimmerman said...

So ... if you start babbling baby talk in a dozen years or so ... shall we shoot you? =)


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