February 09, 2013

Saturday Share - Feb. 9, 2013

Sitting here at the kitchen island watching lazy snowflakes drift past the window...at least until a gust of wind blows through...then it looks more like the view outside an igloo somewhere inside the Arctic Circle.  Thankfully, even though we have enough snow to whip into a frenzy, we were indeed outside the reaches of Nemo.

We have been there and done the 3 ft. of snow in one day thing before.  Back in 1992 our little town was the epicenter of a storm very much like Nemo and we were buried under exactly 3 ft. of the white stuff.  Tim worked at a stone quarry at the time and the owner volunteered his equipment and men for snow removal duty.  Tim didn't get home for 3 days!  Roads were impassable.  I was stranded at home with a 6 year old and a 4 month old baby.  Thank goodness the power never went out and we had heat.  Oh, and the diapers didn't run out.  That was a VERY good thing.

The women's group from church is meeting this morning, but I've decided not to go.  I have so much that is needing done before my Thirty-One party next Friday and not too many windows of opportunity to get those things done.  I will see everyone at church tonight and plug away at the lessons on my own till next time.

If I'm ever going to get at those things, I'd best get on with sharing this week's links with you.  So, here are some places I've been around the internet this week that I hope will inspire you, make you think, or maybe just make you smile or even laugh out loud.

Jolene of The Alabaster Jar has a thought provoking post about The Backbone of a Submissive Wife.  What's a wife to do when she is living out God's plan, but her husband, who professes to be a Christian is not following the command to love her as Christ loved the church?

Salt & Light Bloggers is a group of Christian women bloggers on Facebook who are using the forum to bring inspiring posts and information to more women than they could reach alone.  Check them out.

FACEinHOLE.com is too much fun.  You can look at it as a blogging tool or just entertainment.  It's filled with thousands of pictures you can plug your own (or someone else's) face into.  Frankly, I love it.  I've never looked better!

Kind of makes you WANT to send out
those Christmas letters next year,
doesn't it?

Ann Voskamp inspires as always with her honest, from-the-heart words about being an "Upside Down Blogger" and a Prayer for Bloggers.  There are links from there to posts of encouragement to keep blogging, keep sharing the message.  Good stuff if you are a blogger or considering becoming one.

Old Fashioned Living is a site about, well, old fashioned living.  Whatever aspect you're interested in....crafts, cooking, gardening, children, homemaking....it's here.

Well, that's it for this week.  I hope there's something here that inspires or delights you.  And hey, if you create any pictures...SHARE THEM!  I want to see what fabulous local you'd place yourself in or whose arm candy you want to be.

Have a wonderful and blessed weekend my friends!

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Beth Zimmerman said...

Thanks for the link to Salt & Light. =) And I'm headed right over to read the backbone post!

Love you!


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