February 04, 2013

Super Bowl Chat and Change

It's another cold one out there, but to put it in perspective, in looking at the thermometer I see it's 25 degrees and I'm thinking "That's not so bad."  The last week or so proved it can be much worse.  Also on the plus side, no new snow to talk about other than a few stray flurries.

So, the subject on everyone's mind this morning....the Super Bowl.  Did you watch?  I did, but not as avidly as years when my Steelers are playing.  If you know anything about football rivalries you know the one between the Steelers and the Ravens runs deep.  It kills me to be glad they won.  I will admit it's not for "good" reasons like they were representing the same region as the Steelers or anything.  Nope.  I'm glad they won because that means the Steelers are still the only team with SIX Super Bowl wins!


Okay, now we can talk about the ads.  What was your favorite?  Which one did you really dislike?  Which one did you think was just plain stupid?  I don't know that I hated any of them.  Quite a few fell into the stupid category.  As for favorite, it's a tie between these two:

This was just too sweet.  Admit it, you teared up a little
when the man walked away...a whole lot when the
horse chased him down.

And this one was just beyond awesome.  Gotta love farmers...and Paul Harvey.
The only thing that would have made it better?
A FORD truck!

In other news, I'm feeling a need for change.  I like my blog and it's served me well for about 2 years now, but either I'm getting bored or it's beginning to feel just a wee bit dated.  I'm browsing around the sites that offer free templates and I may find one I like, but then again (and after nearly 12 years of blogging I can't believe I'm saying this) I just might pay someone to design a new look for me.  I'm contemplating a name change, too.  Something just a little "catchier."  First, though, I have to figure out my purpose here....because that's soooo easy.  LOL

If you have any ideas or suggestions on design, designers, template sites, focus, purpose, or pretty much anything......please, please, pleeeeeease share them.

Help me!!


Judy said...

I didn't see all the commercials, but most of the ones I saw I was very disappointed in. Except for two. I liked the one with the baby clydesdale, and I liked the farmers one. and yea! Ravens!!

Beth Zimmerman said...

That Clydesdale ad was super sweet but I think I like the farmer best! I didn't watch the game ... never do.

Check out http://www.etsy.com/search?q=blogger%20premade&view_type=gallery&ship_to=US (ETSY - search: Blogger premade) for some design options. Maybe it will inspire something. =)

Love you!


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