March 11, 2013

A Multitude Monday

Did you have a good weekend?  Are you feeling refreshed and ready to face a new day?  A new week?  Oh, how I hope you are.  Each day is a gift and too valuable to waste on negative feelings and thoughts.  Those happen, I know...believe me, I know how they creep in uninvited and knead around like a cat getting comfortable and settling in.  The "trick" is in being aware and catching them before that happens, in turning our eyes to the One who also knows, who can drive those feelings away and leave instead peace, hope, and a joy that swells beyond measure unfettered by earthly whims.

My weekend was blessed.  The ladies from church met Saturday morning for our continuing study of Jesus.  I thank God for those women every day.  We have become friends and sisters, but more than that, I think.  We share our celebrations and our heartbreaks.  We rejoice and we cry.  What we are is real and honest.  I have been a part of other groups before, but NEVER one like this, one where I willingly share the deepest recesses of my heart and soul.  Never one with this kind of trust in each other.

Church on Saturday evening was wonderful as it always is.  The fellowship after was even better than usual.  Everyone was in high spirits (maybe because of the mild weather?) and oh my, the laughter!  We laughed and laughed...until it hurt.  I praise the God who knew that his children need to laugh and knew that it could heal as much as any medicine some times.

Sunday was simply a day of rest for Tim and I.  We stayed home except to go to Red Lobster for dinner.  By the way, if you like Red Lobster and Lobsterfest sounds good to you, go to the website and get a coupon good for $10 off on any 2 Lobsterfest meals.  You can get it sent to your email and then either print it out or just show it to them on your smartphone.

There was a "theme" running throughout my weekend...something that kept popping up over and over, but I will share more about that on Wednesday in my Writing to God: 40 Days of Praying with My Pen post.  Speaking of that, I don't have a date for you, other than not this week, but I will be hosting the Writing to God community one of these coming weeks.  I'm so excited.  I feel like I should prepare.  Company is coming!  Man your battle stations!  Ugh!  How does one Spring clean a blog???  LOL

And on to the counting, which I've discovered I was wrong about....Ann has continued the Monday link up. I must have looked on a week when she forgot the link.....or I just completely missed it, which is totally possible, and probably more than likely.  This dealing with a middle-aged brain is not for sissies, let me tell you!  Anyway....

11.  Squeals of children's laughter as a grown man crawls under tables and plays tag with them.
12.  A new plan to take a group to Tennessee at the end of July for training as Precepts teachers.
12.5  Training that falls after an already paid for vacation so I can go.
13.  Red Lobster's cheddar/garlic biscuits.  How good are those things?!
14.  Warm days and sunshine....a promise that winter will end, life will return.
15.  A brother-in-law awake, alert, and stroke-free with sugar under control.
16.  Rest and relaxation, an entire day of just the hubs and me.
17.  The confidence of a friend.
18.  Sweet bus kids who make me smile.
19.  Birds flying rapid-fire and low over the dogs and intent on playing the Spring game of finding a mate, that they barely noticed us as we jumped out of their way.
20.  The scent of wood smoke on a cool morning.

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