March 12, 2013

Less Is More

Tuesdays (as of recently) have become multi-media day around the blog.  That means I could be posting just about anything as long as it's related to writing/blogging, computers, television, movies, music, books, cell phones....well, you get the idea.  Oh yeah, I've also decided Tuesdays are also for gratuitous flashes of Toby....just because I'm a fan.  Humor me, okay?

For far too long I've let the blog just drift a long and now I'm going all intentional on it (and you!).  In my head I know that it takes time to build a blog up, but my tender little heart is whining..."Where is everyone?  Why aren't they commenting?  Is my blog that bad?  Etc. etc. etc."  I'm still struggling to find the direction I want the blog to go, but I'm expecting hoards of visitors and fans.  Bwahahaha!  I am soooo funny.

Gratuitous Toby #1
In my search for blog help, I came across this post on 5 Common Blog Mistakes.
  1. Ignoring social medias.
  2. Not commenting on every blog you visit.
  3. Over posting.
  4. Publishing at the same time every time.
  5. Writing in blocks.
Numbers 1 and 3...I'm good.  Number 2....depends on my mood, how much time I have, etc.  Number 4....yeah, that's me.  I do my blogging in the morning between bus runs.  Evenings always feel too late.  I'll have more flexibility this summer when school is out.  And number 5?  I am in really deep doo-doo.  I studied journalism and English.  I like words.  Words are my friends.  In return, I use LOTS of them.  I'll work on it.

Ultrabooks: thinnest, lightest laptops on the market.  Talk to me about them.  Does anyone have experience with them?  What brand do you have?  Are they as functional as a laptop?  If they are, I'm thinking that will be my next step in the computer world.  Any thoughts on the ones that convert from laptop to tablet?  Seems like a lot could go wrong there.  What kind of battery life do they have?

Gratuitous Toby #2....a song that you probably aren't familiar with unless you're a fan, but it's actually one of my favorites.


Judy said...

Okay, I'm stupid - - what does writing "in blocks" mean?? I know that's probably so obvious to everybody else. But not to me. WHat if i'm NOT doing it and I should be??!!

Stacy said...

Judy...Writing in blocks refers to huge chunks of text. It's something you aren't supposed to do (that's why I'm in trouble). They say it's a turn-off for readers. When polled most say they skip such posts or just skim them to see if anything jumps out that they might want to read.

mare ball said...

I don't know how people can comment on EVERY blog they visit. And I don't see what's wrong about posting at the same time. People then know when to check in. I was told about the "blocks" thing early on, so I've tried to keep paragraphs small. There's so much to remember. :-)


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