March 29, 2013

We're Falling Apart!

So sorry I didn't get around to the promised Good Friday post.  Today did not go at all like I had it planned.  In my mind's eye today was the day I was going to get the house cleaned and the laundry done so I could relax the rest of the weekend.

I went to Out-Patient Services at the hospital right after breakfast.  My doctor wanted me to get the knee I fell on last month x-rayed.  It just seems to be taking forever to heal.  It moves back and forth now without pain, but something is definitely not right if I turn on it or try to move it like you would to put your foot on your knee.  Dr. G wants to see if it's just a case of it needing more time to heal or if I did something that's going to require more attention.  The x-rays didn't take long at all, but I had to wait forever to be called in.

The computer screen was right across from where I was so I could see the images of my knee.  There is definitely a nice-sized spot on my knee where the upper and lower bones meet.   I don't know if that means anything because the x-ray technicians aren't allowed to tell you anything.  Maybe I just bruised the bone.  I hope.

Tim saw Dr. G this morning.  He's taking an antibiotic because of an infection that's probably related to his kidney/bladder issues and has to schedule an appointment with the urologist.  He's also supposed to have his knee (which has been hurting him for MONTHS) x-rayed.  Dr. G ordered x-rays of Tim's left hand, too, and he went and had those done right away.

Tim smashed his hand on Wednesday then worked all that day without having it checked.  Then he worked all day yesterday pouring concrete.  The technician told him he would definitely be hearing from Dr. G today.  He did and off to the emergency room we went.  Three days after the fact, he's in a temporary cast because he broke a bone in his hand.  Next week he has to schedule with an orthopedic guy to see what the next step is.e bone

Tonight I've been feeling tired and the arthritis in my ankles and the bone spurs in my foot are acting up.  I couldn't even stand to have a sock on.  All I can say is that this getting old business really stinks.

Tomorrow is looking wide open all day until church so I will see you then.


Dawn Paoletta said...

Whoah! Hope that knee heals! Have a wonderful weekend, and enjoy our Beautiful Savior's grace my friend.

On another note unrelated to the above...that picture is true and that older gentleman is...well a hottie! lol


Debby@Just Breathe said...

Sounds like you need a big ((HUG))
I stubbed my big toe really bad two weeks ago it hurt but wasn't bad but recently I can't put any pressure on it. Went to the doctor and he says it's not broken but didn't do an x-ray. I think he may be wrong! So sorry for all the issues going on in your life. Hope your Easter is beautiful.


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