April 16, 2013

Daddy Dance With Me

Since I've designated Tuesdays as "multi-media day" I was going to put in my two cents on yesterday's bombings in Boston.....talk about how technology has change our view of the world.  How we've been bombarded with images almost from the moment the bombs exploded thanks to cell phones that can do anything but cook supper and tuck the baby into bed at night.  We've been "treated" to the view from every angle possible.  We've been privy to the pain, heartbreak, and heroics.  And now, the agencies investigating are asking for all images to be turned in.  Somewhere in all those pictures and videos may be a clue or even the face(s) of those behind the attack.

I was going to do that, but I think we've had enough.  We don't want to forget or bury it, but we also don't need to focus on it exclusively.  The media does that for us and if we spend enough time staring at what they offer, it's easy to lose hope.  So, today I suggest we turn our eyes away from the constantly replayed images left in evil's wake and look for the things that are good and pure and right and give us hope rather than drain it from us.

With that in mind, I'm sharing a new song and video from the debut EP from Krystal Keith (Toby's daughter).  It's a beautiful song and a beautiful video.  Enjoy!


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