May 13, 2013

A Plea for Prayers

I was wondering what to post about today...the same old weekend wrap up just wasn't appealing.  Then I saw this update while I was checking in on Facebook.  The young man in the picture was one of my youth group kids back in the day, but beyond that he and his sister were very special to me.  They were almost like my own kids...even if it did take me a couple of years to get Jeremy to stop calling me Mrs. Artis and go with Stacy.  Tim and I consider the whole family dear friends.  

Below are status reports that his sister posted.  She explains the situation better than I could.  Please read them.  Jeremy is already a living miracle, but he needs another one.  All I am asking for today is your prayers.  Thank you in advance and God bless you for them.

(04-19-13) My younger brother Jeremy is in the hospital for a liver condition he's had all his life. He is a living miracle. Doctors said he would need a transplant by the age of five and he's 22 and has never had one! (Praise the Lord). God has always watched over, healed and taken care of Jeremy. His bilirubin (you can Google it) is 25.5 (normal is 0-1) and climbing. They are doing tests to see if there is anything that can be surgically repaired, but there are strong talks of transplant. Today he had an EKG that showed one of his ventricles is not working properly and could be from his liver complications. I trust FULLY in God. I know God has great plans for my brother. Jeremy has already been a living testimony to God's great glory and healing power all throughout his life. Even if God chooses to use transplant as a form of healing my faith in Him will not be shaken. God's healing comes in all forms. Please pray not only for my brother but for my parents as well. Thank you all so much for all your support and prayers! They are greatly appreciated. (Jeremy - hopefully you don't mind that I posted this but I truly believe in the power of God's people united in prayer & I know you do too - Love you!

UPDATE (05-13-13) SHARE this picture and pray for my brother Jeremy today. He is in Pittsburgh having testing done to prepare him to be put on the transplant list (He's not hospitalized now...just in the city for testing). Pray how God leads you for him. I'm praying that God's guidance and wisdom will be given to all the staff, doctors, and nurses Jeremy encounters today. I pray for doors to be op...See More
 I trust Him and I know my brother trusts Him too.


Faith Lohr said...

Thanks so much for sharing this Stacy! Love you! <3 Thanks in advance to everyone for their prayers for my brother. :-)

Tracy said...

Thank you for sharing. Will be praying for both Jeremy and the family.

Stacy said...

You're welcome, Faith.

Thank you, Tracy. :)

Beth Zimmerman said...

Praying for him, those who love him, and his doctors!

Stacy said...

Thank you, Beth.


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