May 11, 2013

A Soggy Saturday Share

Good morning!  It's a soggy one here.  Some pretty good storms blew through last night and it's still a little bit...drizzly (spell check didn't underline that so it must be a real word!).

Dear daughter is working today.  She was not looking forward to it at all.  She works at a nursery/garden center.  Tomorrow is Mothers' Day.  Got the picture of what it will be like for her today?  Among other things, they have hundreds of gorgeous hanging baskets made up.  By the end of today most of them will be gone.  She already did her shopping.  My mom got one of those mentioned baskets and I got a gorgeous rose bush with flowers that are sort of a blend of orange and yellow.  So pretty and bright.

Hubby and I are not being too ambitious yet.  He will be going to work on the church pretty soon, though.  I need to get on the laundry, do some cleaning, and make something to take to church tonight.  I'm thinking I'll bake a dessert today.

Mom and her husband are back from the NRA convention by way of Branson, MO.  They liked the convention, of course.  They go every year no matter where it is.  They did say that everything at the show seemed to be geared to tactical weapons this year.  Hmmm....gearing up for a fight?  Lots of other vendors seemed to be missing, too, I guess.  Maybe it's just the economy?  About Branson.....let's just say they were not impressed and have no plans to ever go back.

I've got some good links for you today.  I hope you enjoy them.

~ You hear a lot about tattoos in the church these days, both pro and con.  Being a devout Christian with a tattoo, I probably get to hear more than those without.  There are always those who feel free to lecture me or at least let me know they think it's a sin.  I want to get at least one more...a matching mother/daughter one with my girl...but I've felt conflicted.  I don't necessarily believe getting inked is a sin, but worry about things like "does it affect my credibility?"  I've heard some pretty solid arguments against, the defense has been weaker.  Until now.  This article puts things in the right light, I think.

~ It would have been nice to have all the "tricks of the trade" bundled together in a book for easy reference back when I started blogging, but no such thing existed.  Of course, when I started blogging back in 2001 it was pretty basic.  Lucky you, if you're thinking of starting a blog there's a book to help you....and you veteran bloggers might learn something, too.

~ This post from the heart of sweet Ann Voskamp really blessed me this week.  I think it will bless you, too, as we celebrate mothers.

~ And here's a video that seems appropriate for a rainy day.

~ Last but not least, the Pinterest share of the week:

These lemon brownies sound awesome!
Perfect for summer, don't you think?
Find the link on my Cupcakes, Cakes & Cookies board.

Time for me to get busy, so I'm outta here.  You all have a great weekend!

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Dawn Paoletta said...

I love that song! I have a tattoo (shhh don't tell anyone) back from bodybuilding days. It is in a place that no one can see-not even me...unless I wore a very revealing bathing suit- which I never do anymore...ahem. Moving right You have been blogging so long, Stacy! Wowsa!


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