May 15, 2013

Somewhere Over the Hodgepodge

1. May is National Blood Pressure Month...what sends yours soaring, either literally or figuratively? What calms you down? When did you last have your bp checked?
~ The stupid, stupid things our government does, the President himself, family stress....all raise my blood pressure.  Talking to God, my dogs and music all calm me down.   I last had my blood pressure checked...maybe a month ago?  Mine is always pretty good and the stress levels have to be through the roof to raise it, but once or twice in the past I've felt like the top of my head was going to blow off.

2. You just found $1-what do you spend it on? How about 10$ 100?
~ I'd probably just stick it in my wallet with the rest.  I found 10 cents?  I probably wouldn't even bother bending over to pick it up. lol  100.....maybe go out for a nice dinner with Tim or to see a movie or buy more books.

3. Mandatory labeling of genetically engineered (GE) food has been proposed, but not enacted in the US. How much attention do you give food labels before you buy? Are you in favor of labeling if it means an increase in food prices? Is this an issue you've been following and feel strongly about, or is this the first you've heard of the controversy?
~ I haven't been paying much attention until recently...when the government put Monsanto in charge of this stuff (what the *bleep* were they thinking??).  I'm actually a lot more watchful since my poodle died and I am convinced his death was due to a lifetime of eating questionable food.  I look at all the people I know with cancer and other diseases that used to be rare...something is causing them.  I'd like to have them labeled, but isn't it ridiculous that we have to label natural food?

4. May 15th marks the birthdate of Frank Baum, author of The Wizard of Oz. At this point in time, are you more in need of brains, courage, heart, or a trip back home? Explain.
~ Brains, I guess.  Then maybe I could figure out a way to make more money.  lol

5. "There's no place like home" is an oft repeated line from Baum's book. When was the last time you felt the truth of that statement?
~ It's been a while.

6.  Steak...yes please or no thank you? What cut do you prefer and how do you like yours cooked? Sauce or no sauce? Besides your own kitchen, where's a place you like to go to get a great steak? 
~ Love a good steak!  I guess T-bone is my favorite.  If it's seasoned and cooked well, no sauce.  We really like A-1's New York Steakhouse marinade when we cook steaks at home....good flavor and the steaks just melt in your mouth.  We like to go to Longhorn Steakhouse as far as chains go and locally we like a little place called Turillos.  You can get a 1-inch thick T-bone dinner done to perfection for $16.95!

7. When was the last time you were in a genuine hurry?
~ All the time!  I'm always running late.  Sigh.  I was raised to always be early then married a man who runs late and had sisters who were always running late (at least when we were younger) and my kids always ran kind of late.....I guess somewhere along the way I must have decided "if you can't beat 'em, join 'em!"

8.  Insert your own random thought here.

~ Dear daughter is unemployed again.  She loved her job at the garden center, but there was one woman (in her 50s so you would have thought she'd be more mature) who gave her grief from day one.  Yesterday this woman laid into my girl, even though she is not a boss.  I mean really blind-sided her and got nasty.  Meg had taken all she could take and let her have it right back.  The woman ran to the owners and told them all about how mean Meg was and how she never did her work.  The owners told her the garden center wasn't the right place for her and that she should go home.  Sigh.  Are there no nice people left in the world?


Debby@Just Breathe said...

Hi Stacy, hope your having a nice day. Music is a great choice to calm the nerves. I will always pick up coins because they say "In God We Trust." I agree with bad food and I get so mad that our government lets things slide when it comes to our health. I am very careful with our dogs food/treats now. I love a great steak and have one maybe once a month if we go out. Medium, no sauce. I am so sorry about your daughters job. My daughter has issues with an older woman who makes her feel bad all the time yet my daughter is the manager...this woman needs to stop!

Beansieleigh said...

It's funny as I'm reading through people's posts.. It seems the majority of us are wishing we had more brains!... Wishing your daughter good luck with future endeavors, and wishing you a great week ahead. Nice meeting you via Wednesday Hodgepodge! ~tina

The Henry Crew! said...

Oh, I'm so sorry your daughter had to go through that experience... too bad she couldn't talk to the owners herself and ask them to verify her lack of work... ugh that's so hard. Will pray that she gets a new job soon where she is more appreciated, and that she can learn from this experience!

Beth Zimmerman said...

So sorry the job didn't work out. Hopefully there is something better in store for her!

Joyce said...

Sorry about your daughter's job situation-that stinks! I hope she finds something soon. I'm with you on #1-I have to step away from time to time or I do think my head would explode : )


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